1. Sounds amazing. Iโ€™ve never worked with celery juice in a cocktail before. Iโ€™d go with 2 oz mezcal, 1 oz celery juice, and 1/2 oz ancho Reyes. But was it a green spicy flavor or red? I would think red but celery makes me think green.

  2. I am thinking green. Thanks for the proportions/recipe. Will give it a go.

  3. I wonder what the decorative style is called. I have a modern lamp with a similar style, and

  4. Alright, you all are not very helpful (for the most part), but you are funny.

  5. Cool rock. I would make a daiza to display it like this and call it

  6. The dual "I" at the beginning makes me suspect that OP might be an

  7. I've been a ham for over 30 years now, and I often have to explain this kind of stuff, either to the distaffbopper, the littlebopper, my non-ham friends and co-workers, or most often to the public when I'm out operating portable, or to kids and their parents when I'm doing things like Jamboree on the Air.

  8. OP is not a ham, but I totally appreciate the detailed explanation.

  9. I used to love catching these as a kid and collecting their shells. They do not seem to exist where I am now though.

  10. I cannot imagine the amount of planning that went into getting this right.

  11. First time with an orchid so I'm hoping I can get there too!

  12. Just wait til the first time you get an orchid to bloom for the fourth time. Thatโ€™s the best.

  13. There are two other stems and I just noticed a green bud on one of them!

  14. Looks like tumbled/polished blue kyanite, imo

  15. They almost seem like they could be pulleys, except the edges are sharp where any cable or string would thread through.

  16. Not sure what if these were meant to go together or if it was coincidental, but

  17. All these years on Reddit make me doubt whether this is actually a lie

  18. I just bought some parts from Color Cord Co to put together my first hanging lamp.

  19. Baluch rug from Afghanistan or Iran. You can hose is down with a little mild soap and hang it up to dry. 30-80 years old and hand knotted. Wool on a cotton frame with natural dyes. You can have the edges fixed to stop the fraying. Not precious but a fine hand crafted tribal rug.

  20. Thank you, looking at other Baluch rugs makes me agree with you. There is what I take to be the number 52 woven on the side, off-center. Would that be a date?

  21. This is a Baluchi rug from the Afghan/Iran border area. Wool foundation tends to point to Afghan while cotton foundation is more prevelant on the Iranian side.

  22. I have had this rug for a few years, found at a thrift store and would like to know more about it. Seems hand knotted and there is an old tag stapled on the back.

  23. I started having smoothies for breakfast last year and we now make our own oatmilk. Super cheap and easy (my blender even has an "oatmilk" setting) and glad to buy significantly less non-recyclable cartons of hemp or almond milk.

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