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If it still isn't clear to anyone, the fact that two COMPLETELY unrelated companies have the exact same charts is CONFIRMATION that they are MANIPULATED THE SAME WAY, this is WALL STREET, this is the AMERICAN MARKET, THE WORLD IS WATCHING YOU. BUY, HOLD, DRS.

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  1. This sub should be renamed to BBBYshillmeltdown. No one cares this much about retail investors. I can't even think of anything that would compel me to spread FUD on a group of people I don't like. If we are gonna loose all our money wouldn't it be wise for them to stay silent? Let us dig even deeper? Wouldn't this increase their ill-gotten gains? Fuckin low effort

  2. Bro, this is the Internet. People are assholes and love to rub it in. You ever see sports teams subreddits? Any time something happens to a team that someone dislikes, trolls go in to laugh in their faces even if it's in bad taste.

  3. Pleasure from trolling nobody's doesn't last years. At best it is entertaining for a few hours.

  4. I mentioned what was happening to my friends when it started and never mentioned it again. They didn't really care. I asked one of these friends yesterday what they had heard and they said they had only heard about "the Reddit thing a while back"..........people have no clue unfortunately. :(

  5. All these books are standards taught in school. your comments are redundant......yet here we are. What's next?!

  6. Read them again since you clearly didn't get them.

  7. .....and then the shills took it personally. This thread is hilarious!

  8. Your lot are no different from the other sheep that get led to slaughter by furus.

  9. I think it's actually stating the opposite. It is saying that even when a successful turn around takes place for the company the price of the stock may not reflect this success because of obvious crime being perpetrated by criminal hedge funds. But hey, see what you want to see buddy ;)

  10. I think they say this because they are not allowed to say that they want to say. In other words, for some odd reason this company, who is under attack, is not allowed to say that they are under attack by criminals. Don't you find that a little bit bizarre? Why would a company advertise that their stock won't go up no matter how successful the business is?!? Does that sound like they are shrugging their shoulders and moving on? After every move we've seen since this summer wouldn't you say they are actually screaming from the rooftops that the fuckery must end and they are in fighting mode? I don't know buddy, I think the battle is just beginning and they are putting on their armor.

  11. That's why it needs to be more widely known how the sneeze happened - how options was a piece in that puzzle

  12. Not me. I sold yesterday and bought Tesla before its earnings report. Made $5500 so far in 30 hours.

  13. Yes and I also sold every stock that did bad today and made a million dollars in less than 30 seconds and this totally relevant to this post. Watch me flex please.

  14. You mean the Ryan Cohen that led all the apes into buying bbby, and then dumped his bags all on them?

  15. Tinfoil can be funny when it's clearly sarcastic. The posts that take themselves seriously are sad. Magical thinking. Insecure as fuck. They should be embarrassed.

  16. nope.......there are way more chords than the are notes.........and most modern music is single held notes on fucking analogue synths that might be firing two different octaves......but it's still one note.

  17. how tf do you play a song if you don’t read the sheet music

  18. There aren't as many notes as you think. Not only that but most music is literally the same 3 or 4 notes. Most modern radio crap only have 2.

  19. the heads of broccolis are shrinking every week while the price increases. I'm fucking starving.

  20. Ah man, I feel like hundreds of responses thinking a tweet that you have to do huge mental gymnastics to relate to BBBY somehow supports our cause is why people make fun of us as being myopic and culty :(

  21. HOLY FUCK and here I thought the whole mayo thing had been played out

  22. And just like that the zen was restored. I think this is the explanation that makes the most sense.

  23. Everybody should simply Google RSU vs RSA and the zen will return. Shares are only issued if certain previously agreed on criterias are met. If they are not met than a payout is given. That's what I understood anyways. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

  24. So what you are saying is that since certain criterias weren't met they get a payout instead of shares? They didn't get to decide between cash or stocks?

  25. Some of my zombie stock tickers disappeared today.......

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