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  1. shipping is either 16$ or $35 overnight shipping heres a link to the pods themselves thank you!

  2. Sweet thank you!! It's far too cold where I am right now. But I am bookmarking your site for warmer months.

  3. Thank you! Very much appreciated! We offer pick at your local fed ex hub to avoid rough climate exposure as well 😁

  4. Ooo nice! I'll keep that in mind! I actually still have your site tabbed haha

  5. He triangulates and it’s sick. Triangulates his own kids and their mothers against each other.

  6. My dad did this, but luckily it was just a family of 3.

  7. My dad did this with my stepmother and me. For the longest time, I was only angry with her and believed that she was the whole problem. While she was horrible and took his bait to lash out at me, I finally realized that he was baiting her and telling her things to make her mad at me just to then stand back and watch her come after me. Some people are so freaking messed up!

  8. I'm in my 30s and I haven't talked to my dad since I was ~16ish. My mom and I are really just now kind of talking about how fucked up it was. I hope you guys can heal together and have a good relationship. It's very hard, and totally not your fault.

  9. I like to think of myself as an efficient cancer.

  10. No breath visible, snow looks like it's melting a bit. Probably close to 0°C. Anyone who lives in a cold climate wouldn't even be fazed by weather like that. Probably overheated from chopping the wood and needed to cool down.

  11. I went outside just now at 0°C to play with my dogs. You really do get warm!

  12. My uncle would be the type of person to leave the fake one on top of the little black folder, then leave a real one inside and laugh about how they're getting pranked twice.

  13. I was just looking where to buy a fake one to hide a real one.

  14. I got mine just now and ended up here trying to figure out WTF it was.

  15. It took me at leats 20 seconds to understand this was not a dialog...

  16. Thought 2 dudes were about to have the best night of their life.

  17. I think it’s the pattern on her nails

  18. I can't really tell but are those dirty nails or does she have a nail design on face of nail?

  19. Blueberry is adorable, and you are seriously gorgeous in the most wholesome way I can say it! You look at her with the purest expression ever, and it's seriously making my day. Thank you for sharing!

  20. Right? It makes me smile. I feel that same overwhelming happiness when I look at my little tuxedo boi.

  21. Is it possible you're allergic to the stitches material? I know in come cases they use cat gut stitches for dissolvable stitches

  22. You know... I am allergic to cats...

  23. I think it's pretty rare to be allergic to sutures but from your description it sounds like it might be worth looking into!

  24. I'm thinking the same. I reacted so poorly that I would hate to have this complicate something not elective. Hopefully, I never find myself needing emergency stitches. But I should talk to my PCP.

  25. Yup. 5'0 here, and it's the same thickness as my wrist.

  26. I can’t tell if that’s big or not. Wrist sizes can vary lol especially when you’re that small.

  27. Where I'm from, a small wrist size seems to be "universally" 5.5 inches. But good point. So my wrist is about 5.3 inches around lol

  28. I’d go straight to her supervisor armed with guidelines from Land Hermit Crab Owners Society

  29. And I just want to add that we're basically teaching these children that this is okay.

  30. adding onto this: maybe make the cat hair into little balls instead of just placing individual hairs into the enclosure

  31. My cat likes to lay on top of the vivarium. So it kind of works out lol

  32. dried fish and fingernails are most peoples go-tos for special treats

  33. What about cat hair? It gets everywhere.

  34. You say that, but the post directly under this one is someone offering human blood to their isopods 😳

  35. Have you ever played Fatal Frame? Because that is a horrific recommendation, sir.

  36. Just wrap it in towels instead of the oven.

  37. electric blanket or heating pad would be easier

  38. Hell, set a weighted blanket on top of an overworking computer, the thing will hug itself to death.

  39. Yeah, far too many people over complicate things. You can even play dumb and pretend not to having know "sitting the laptop flat on your lap with the heating blanket would do THAT"

  40. Came to say this. Give that kid an HTML5/JavaScript/Python/(insert any language here) book right now.

  41. Don't worry. I've already shown him some C++ basics, and he has been coding on Scratch. That's very kind and generous of you, though.

  42. Thank makes me so happy <3 Thanks for being a great parent. I missed out on a lot as a kid, so it really means a lot to me to see people help their kid(s) discover their talents.

  43. I worked as a forester and there were obvious areas that we would check for dumped trees, a gully at the edge of a block for example

  44. That makes me so sad that people would dump them.

  45. And it's no longer about the corporation. This is crime in your area. Do you want to go to stores full of crime? Probably not.

  46. Delusional. Pregnancy and birth is no joke.

  47. Thanks! It’s Iman my name and kitty tacked on because I like cats. 😊

  48. I just tried it out for the first time today. I did a 7 on my privates, face, legs. Didn't bother me at all. I guess pain tolerance is really different for everyone. I kind of think it's relaxing and wish I could keep doing it. Obviously, no idea if it works yet!

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