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  1. Lmao kill tony blowing up my features on there all the time — you found your feature from there and kill tony has been significant for a while and has been significantly bigger and more relevant than your stupid bs content you post has ever been

  2. “Kill Tony is blowing up” 😂. Kill Tony was big eight years ago, thanks Brenda

  3. Six figures? That’s nothing especially in LA. These podcasts don’t make what they used to but they have plenty of ads still

  4. https://www.glassdoor.com/Salaries/los-angeles-podcast-producer-salary-SRCH_IL.0,11_IC1146821_KO12,28.htm

  5. Yah I get it, that’s a super generic listing. Even on there it says a Sr Producer makes $140k. Chin also produces on what like 4 of them? He also contributes on some of them. I’m going off what a friend of mine makes in Austin and if Chin is making anything less than $125k he’s an idiot

  6. Pretty sure no one is accusing Brady of being on steroids, b.

  7. Brandon makes shit up that "people are saying" and then defends something that doesn't actually exist. Its high-level: I have No Clue What I'm Doing

  8. I really enjoy this sub because it’s one of the few that feels like a genuine community, even if it’s for one of the most obscure reasons ever. Everyone is respectful to each other(most of the time) and super creative, I try to contribute in whatever small way I can. Thank ‘em

  9. Bapa has a literal camel toe, is that why he's so obsessed with iivryones diggs?

  10. What a weird sub. So, what's everyone's endgame here? Just communally shit on this guy till what?

  11. Until he stops stealing other peoples shit, threatening to ruin careers, suing small content creators, the list is long

  12. Compliments to the chef! A very tasty dish you’ve served us 🐈🐈today. What a delicious morsel of redactedness perfectly balanced with a generous serving of soy. I had to go for seconds 😽

  13. Uh of course. Bapa had to start 12 more podcasts to supplement the loss of income.

  14. I love Boston, I love Boston so much I named my son Boston, doesn’t make sense it’s a city, I absolutely love Boston

  15. Ooh bubba. Wasn't it Rogan that said he needed a handler? I guess that relationship is water under the fridge then.

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