1. I had a half gram ancient roots, went through it in 4 days bc it was delicious. After one and throwing away the battery, it hit me…. The disposable battery is super wasteful and an unnecessary cost to incur on every vape pen I buy.

  2. Normally I agree 💯 on disposables. I made a rare exception cuz the discount was as good and I really wanted to try this new device and because I love firelands’ live rosin but kept having issues with those lousy .5 510 carts. Had to return/exchange at least 3 before giving up on em and sticking with their luster pods. I know these iCrusher devices come larger and rechargeable or in pod form as well so I would love to see those soon here.

  3. Wasn’t sure on that since I hadn’t heard of em before these so I used the quotations. Lol

  4. Be careful leaving them for more than a day or two or the RSO can ooze out and make a bit of a mess. I tried this with some Sunkist fruit gems and did a bunch at once like this and kept em in a little tupperware container and the RSO did start to ooze out after a day or so.

  5. Still waiting to see more of these on menus around here. Only tried the O43 one.

  6. Tally Mon and Sour Papaya pods are tasty too!

  7. O43 is the only one I seen on menus around here. It was 🔥

  8. The only rso that will work for me in the program is Main Street health syringe and verano syringe. I’ve tried all the others and they just don’t seem to work for me at any dose.

  9. I’ve tried Botanist’s syringe and it wasn’t bad, just messy. Better than the Wellsprings RSO I tried last year.

  10. They’ve been a POD twice in the last week at The Forest in Sandusky. I think they get a lot of Standard products before other dispensaries since they’re the closest dispensary Standard in Gibsonburg.

  11. Tried one cart that was POD at the Forest a couple months ago. Didn’t care for it. Said it was CO2 on the menu but it was clearly distillate.

  12. Hello. I also had problems with the Firelands Scientific live rosin carts. The only one that worked and had any effect was one of the Jet Fuel’s. I tried every kind and they were all terrible. Some tasted like a burned coil. Some stopped working halfway through the cart. I haven’t contacted FS yet. You contacted them and they’re sending you a gift card? That’s awesome! That gives me hope that maybe they will try to remedy my situation.

  13. As long you still have the defective carts and receipts to send them pictures, contact their customer service thru their website.

  14. I bought the exact same cart and mine looks nothing like that! Mine is a completely white and the AR sticker falls off very easily. Plus, it tastes like absolute garbage. You can tell the white sticker was scratched open and resealed. It came like that from the dispensary! I’m really disappointed, I’ve had a really difficult time finding good products in this program…do you know of good products from Mich? I have the receipt and some, but not all of the carts. I have no idea what I did with them. Oh well, hopefully they’ll give me credits for new products.

  15. It’s a good idea keep all your receipts until you use each product essentially cartridges, and to keep an accurate count of your days. Sorry you had trouble with AR. I haven’t purchased any of their product since this snd this was last year.

  16. No. Firelands only makes CO2 carts and pods now.

  17. Yes. That’s all firelands does. They don’t do any distillate carts.

  18. Email their customer service. They refunded one that broke on me few months back. I’ve avoided them ever since.

  19. Certified did, or the dispensary?

  20. I’m just over here waiting for Firelands to start making luster pods with their CO2 and live rosin oils.

  21. Hey thanks so much for coming back. She grabbed some of the honey but probably will get some powder soon too. Thanks for the info.

  22. How’d she like the honey? I’ve yet to try it.

  23. Could I ask you to describe the effect from the powder? Does it give you strong psychoactive effects in the head? I have myself scheduled for a telehealth appointment and I'll be joining the program soon as well.

  24. The powder for me has been very similar to how you described the honey’s effects. Relaxing body and head high without feeling to overly psychoactive.

  25. Not long at all. They’re only .3g. Surprised to see anyone comment on this post from last year. I don’t know if these are even offered anywhere. I only tried em the one time and was not impressed.

  26. You can’t go wrong with the luster pods from Butterfly Effect. I like CO2 vapes much more than distillate. Firelands Scientific and Standard Wellness make the best CO2 510 cartridges, which are the regular screw on/drop in vape carts.

  27. It’s still soft and mailable like a badder should be. Smells good and gets me high af, using my nectar collector. I’ll take standard oils two months from expiration over most of the other concentrates I’ve tried.

  28. There’s all kinds of ways to vape it. Google dab rig or if you’re lazy like me, go to or a similar vape company. I have a yocan with a nectar collector attachment that you can use to vape the concentrates right out of the little glass jars they package it in.

  29. Must be your area and or just that dispensary. The Forest and Firelands hardly have any wait time, both have reliable quick curbside and the Forest has always prioritized online in-store pick-ups for me when I’ve gone in, letting me go in ahead of others there in line.

  30. Sorry to resurrect this post, but is that the pod the advertise as being for ‘juice?’ I was just looking into these and was hoping I could load it up with some distillate or live resin

  31. This one came with three different types of pods. One for waxes or badders, one for CO2 oil or distillate, and a third for nicotine that I threw away. Lol

  32. Thanks for the reply! Is it still holding up pretty well? Would love to be able to do oils and waxes on the same device

  33. Gonna be honest, I haven’t used it in months. I loved it for a couple months, but the pods were a bitch to clean and the wax pods would ooze oil residue out the sides after using it. I bought a few extra pods. I liked the oil pods more than the wax but you have to be careful not to overfill. I kinda got away from using the waxes or badders. I might start getting em again and just use my other yocan that has a nectar collector attachment and just vape right out of the wax jars. Lol

  34. Man I had a similar experience with another FS strain live rosin cart..Mine was half way but I opted to open it up and rescue the remaining rosin. Good to know it wasn’t just a me thing I guess.

  35. Did it burn okay in a different cart or do you have a refillable pod vape? I have one of those from yocan but I never use it.

  36. They stopped making the white papaya ones shortly after.

  37. Do you like the infuse powder? Been thinking about trying it. 🤔 really been loving the rso lately. Took me 3 yrs as a med patient to find this wonderfulness that is rso for pain nothing else compares..

  38. I’ve been loving this infusion powder. Its only got a slight flavor to it so you don’t taste it that much unless your just mixing it in water, but it’s so versatile. I love it in my coffee. You can use it to make edibles too like mixing it into the water/milk for waffle batter or cookies. I’d be interested in what RSO you like in the program. I tried a syringe a while back from verano I think that I wasn’t that impressed with. I love the powder cuz it’s easy to dose.

  39. Did this make the root beer flat? I was told by BE it’s not recommended for soda because it would make it flat.

  40. Dust it on top very slowly and let it dissolve then stir lightly. It will fizz up if you try to just dump it in.

  41. Loving it rn too! I’m in Jersey visiting my baby brother and his family here for the first time. So the infusion powder and my luster pods are my bff while sharing a hotel room with my mother cuz my older brother (who tested negative) couldn’t make the trip because his roommate tested positive the day before his flight. 🤬 First time trying the powder this trip and it’ll be a regular part of my routine from now on.

  42. I gotta say, I'm impressed with my first use of that BE powder. I put 3 small scoops in a small glass of water around 1pm to try first and see how it tastes, then 1 scoop in my coffee shortly after and I can still feel it 7 hours later. Very comfortable body buzz. I just wish they packaged it in something a little bigger that the tiny plastic container with the screw on lid. They pack it in there so much, you have to kinda grind into it and it comes out over the sides.

  43. I’ve had it twice and really enjoy it. There is very light flavor. There is dosing in the container, two scoops for ~20mg or something like that. I generally needed two heeping scoops or just three. It’s a good product, I used it in a lot of things. Cocktails, water, coffee, water for mixing waffle batter…whatever you want really.

  44. Grabbed two things of the BE powder today at the Forest. They had 25% all oils and edibles. Stocked up on a few luster pods too. Thanks for the ideas.

  45. HELLO! these are actually very good carts. That glass just need screwed back in. Thats how they fill them...