1. Imagine blaming Ronaldo for wanting to leave this disaster in his twilight years.

  2. Poch really had us thinking Messi was washed lmao. What an incredible performance and that bicycle goal was amazing.

  3. Messi statpadding against Clermont, the team who was 17th last season just above the relegation line, isn't a test for the team, or Messi nor an indictment against Poch.

  4. Right? He called Fig out and then said, wait let me set a good example for my kids

  5. We have Max and Oliveira facing off and they're the exact same height both barefoot:

  6. I hope so. It’ll complete the violence circle of Poirier/Gaethje/Alvarez/Chandler all having fought each other.

  7. Listen, Charles doesn't want to fight. Nobody is forcing these guys to take fights. If he doesn't want to fight then that's fine. These guys are paid great, you don't know because they don't want you to know. -DW

  8. Some posters in this very thread are shitting on Charles for wanting to get paid more, because they're Islam fans.

  9. How unprofessional is it for him to say that Munhoz was “reaching” for a DQ? Lmao.

  10. Can't blame Charles, but I do believe it should be one or the other, not both

  11. Given how much poverty he came from and how much he gives back, I really hope he gets the fight.

  12. Cejudo vs Yan, October in Abu Dhabi. Only fight „available“ that makes sense

  13. Luke Thomas fell off. He loved the sport 5 years ago and seems like it is a job now more than a passion.

  14. He doesn't have the skill for anything else, so he's just stuck covering a sport that he largely hates, from the fighters to the fans.

  15. I had 1 3 4 5 for Valentina 230 vs 90 strikes landed Valentina had 2x the significant strikes, 3x for head strikes Ground control doesn’t mean much when you are the one getting pounded

  16. Control doesn't get you the win. Valentina was actively striking in rounds 1 and 2 from the bottom while Santos wasn't.

  17. Maybe unpopular, but Santos isn't doing anything on the ground except control, while Valentina hits her continuously.

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