1. Cannabis induced psychosis is reallly rare are you sure it’s what you had. And I’d hold off for a few months maybe? All up to how you feel mentally I guess.

  2. The past few wipes lol. I always do the first basic ones tho. Once I hit the flea it’s over.

  3. Any pics of the shrooms? Are you on antidepressants as well?

  4. So, I wonder, at what point does a person just decide "Well, this is my life now."?

  5. I did at first. Not to much anymore tho. I’m sure most people of not everyone do

  6. Did they buff all the weapons or just those two? Is aug1/3 included?:)

  7. I thought that was a dogs amputated arm for a second

  8. That drop just made the game so boring for you lol

  9. I would kill to take a piss there look down on all the haters

  10. Just got one of these. Not impressed. The suction cups don’t work. It’s loud as hell. The air it’s pulling in is colder than the water so the bubbles are noticeably cold and the water temp drops FAST. I used it once and don’t care to use it again.

  11. It works good in my tub because it’s huge. The suction cups work good but you need to wet the tub before you set them.

  12. It’s pretty loud here but I have the fan setup under my sink cabinet now so it’s not nearly as bad. Kind of like a white noise anyways. Most jacuzzis are just as loud as well.

  13. What’s so impressive about this look at all the dents. Anyone could do this with enough tries

  14. I used to have my mom do those for me when I was younger. Now I’m 28 and I still can’t do them.

  15. Phillips owner here I wish I went with a preowned delonghi

  16. I like to have at least 5 bodies behind each stone

  17. Faked no way she got the plastic off that fast that shit takes precision

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