Cop Shooting Undercover Officer

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  1. nope, I more less never leave the house as I have been fully transitioned to online school for the last two years. Also when I went to the hospital they tested me for covid coming back negative so I never really have seen the need for it

  2. It's not that some of us don't have sense. It's that the stupidest among us yell the loudest and talk the most.

  3. “Psychology teacher Ryan Tribble intervened, placing his hands on the boy’s shoulders and talking to him to keep him calm until a school resource officer got to the scene and detained him.

  4. What's even the point of buying pants if you're gonna wear them to your ankles?

  5. According to some people there is currently payout lag, meaning that earnings will be returned soon with all the profit missed. do not worry as this will not reduce earnings. hope this helps!

  6. quite strange on this happening though, i hope that they can fix this soon... you think it could be a cpu mining issue or just a app issue entirely because i have all of mine right now cpu mining

  7. I think it's the app, my main PC I mine with a 1650 and my other PC I mine with an i3 4170

  8. just about any RTX 20 or 30 series should perform great on Salad! Some great cards atm are: RTX 2060 Super, RTX 3080, RTX 3070TI

  9. My 3070 is getting a dollar in 24 hours I wouldn’t expect much

  10. that's still a lot better than what a lot cards can pull in. Still odd, a 3070 should be pulling in $2-2.50 a day

  11. Should work completely fine, I believe it works the same as receiving USD from any other person on PayPal, so if PayPal has converted the money to your currency in the past perfectly fine, then it should do so for the money you redeem from Salad's storefront as well.

  12. (The only way I know how to do it) >Go to task Manager >Find the PhoenixMiner application running >Right click >Open file location >Double click the application

  13. Posted weeks ago several times, here have a down vote.

  14. New to the community so I was unaware, appreciate the downvote though!

  15. I'm pretty sure he did, just needed a few stitches on his forehead :)

  16. mining will eventually damage components but as long as you don't do it too much you will be fine

  17. You can mine for years without damaging your components as long as everything is routinely cleaned and has proper air flow your card is meant to be used at a constant work-load.

  18. it's possible your Ethernet/WIFI went out last night, I have poor internet so sometimes it will cut out in the middle of the night and I wake up and be able to see where my internet cut out in the miner details. As for the -18 seconds that's very odd, never experienced that.

  19. Task Manager isn't very accurate sometimes I recommend using MSI Afterburner to get more accurate readings of your GPU usage. If you look though you can see that your GPU temperature is at 66 which probably indicates that it's working just fine as the RX 570 idle temp should be no where near 66 but is a pretty accurate mining temp

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