1. This is completely wrong. The R2 is much more breathable. The nano air is only 35cfm - basically a wind shirt. The R2 is more like 60 cfm - almost double the nano.

  2. Ok Patagonia’s rating says 40cfm but in practice I have found it’s ability to breath and wick moisture but warm better even to my R1 Air…. Even though the R1 Air allows way more wind to pass through (I know that’s 130cfm). So perhaps on numbers but the nano has always performed better for me in sun zero conditions as a mid layer.

  3. How it feels to you isn’t super relevant since it’s very dependent on fit and personal perception. The nano air is much less breathable than the r2 tech and way way way less than the r1 air.

  4. In terms of Air Permeability… yes. However in terms of moisture vapor permeability I’m not so sure. Breathability is not one measurement.

  5. Try a Felo and a Bondhus. Prefer both of those over either Wera or Wiha. Wera has better fit than Wiha imo/experience. Bondhus only has torx ans hex drivers though, not sure what Felo has past the insulated bit holder and basic driver kit.

  6. I have Wera and Felo Ergonics …. I love both but the Felo fit my hands better and I can get more torque with them.

  7. I have one, and like it a lot, but sometimes wonder if I want something a bit warmer.

  8. I would go with a nano air or an R2. That being said the Micro D is warmer on its own but wind goes right through it yet it doesn’t breath as well as the R1. Also the R1 Air is warmer than the regular R1.

  9. That color way is a revised version; I just got the same one. Mine was 40% off at a local store.

  10. Would you say it has a slimmer fit and longer sleeves like others have commented on here? Considering getting one in the future

  11. I would say it’s very slight if anything. I have longer arms so it’s fits me really well in the sleeves.

  12. I use mine all the time. The magnet is strong enough I can mount it on my mic desk arm to use as a light when fixing electronics or my daughters toys. Recently I have been using it on my ROPS of my tractor as a light bar and it’s been powerful enough to spread the light out and see better than the headlights. I have had mine for almost two years, it’s easily my most used light.

  13. Nano Air is not wind proof. In fact on a good gust it goes straight through. It’s not as much as a R1 Air but you feel the wind without having a shell over it. That’s kind of the point of it, pretty warm with as much breathability as possible. As already mentioned the insulation inside the nano puff is not from Primaloft. From what I have read the RAB is much better if you need some wind resistance but you lost breathability.

  14. With a carbide blade it should make it through after some time. I have cut 1”rebar with mine with a carbide blade and it didn’t take too long, I have the brushed M18.

  15. Tap like life depended on it …. Didn’t matter if it helped or not. So no blocking I guess.

  16. I have the m12 Rover light to keep handy in my F150 PB (though honestly the zone lightning does a great job for most needs around the truck). For m18 I have the Radius which is super versatile but big, so I would probably go with the smaller m18 Rover as an alternative.

  17. I mean, the face fabric will last, yes. The actual insulation is far far less durable. Objective testing shows nano airs lose 30-40% of their warmth in the first 6 months (not to knock nano air - this happens to all active synthetic insulation). Synthetic insulation is simply much finer and more fragile, shorter staple, and far less dense. It breaks down much more readily.

  18. I’m sure there is some variation based on treatment of the materials over time (washing, recoating dwr, exposure to elements etc). My 1st gen nano has probably lost a little bit of loft but it’s still far warmer than a mid weight fleece even after five years of hard use. It’s still my favorite layering piece especially after an arctic cold front like we had this weekend. I also love the R1 Air but it’s a second behind the nano air.

  19. You must work on drones? Is that an LTT ratchet screwdriver I see in the middle? How does that compare to the Wera?

  20. Outdoor Research has the Vigor Quarter Zip that is a grid fleece, in person it looks pretty close to my five year old R1 half zip (the zipper obviously doesn’t go as far down). Personally I am really enjoying the R1 Air, but I still use my R1 Half zip much of the winter as well.

  21. Another vote for the nano air, I have the 1st gen and it’s still my favorite mid layer/cool day outer layer. Though in the arctic freeze we have been having this weekend the R1 Air has been my layering piece of choice on top of my base layers (air or mid weight) under my Hyper Puff. You can’t go wrong with either the R1 or the nano air.

  22. Thanks, do you like hooded versions or unhooded?

  23. Both of my pieces are hooded; helpful when I don’t feel like bringing a balaclava with me.

  24. When I know I’m going to be out working in below zero weather I have a very specific setup. Capilene base layers (I have the airs as well as regular capilene mid weights), for my mid layer I’ll go with my Nano Air. Finally before this year I had my hyper puff; a coat that is often too warm to wear with any sort of layer other than a base. This has suited me well down to -25F. Do they get snagged or get holes depending on what I’m doing? Yep, have had my hyper puff to Patagonia 2 times the past couple years to fix tears…. However it keeps me warm.

  25. How does the Capilene mid weight base layer compare to the Capilene Air? Just bought a couple of midweights for skiing but noticed the air was on sale too.

  26. Capilene Air is warmer and more breathable. It’s really soft, some say delicate but it’s held up fine for me. That being said because it does have some wool I have to wear a light weight shirt underneath or my torso will feel bothered after a while (I have ADHD so it goes with the territory). The midweight Capilene base layers are great all arounders the only downside is they are heavier weight and can stink after extended use. I like both for different reasons.

  27. Yep loved these and the Mario Bros version. Also loved the themed cereals too. Things that make me nostalgic for the 80s though that’s about it lol.

  28. Nikwax has a specific down wash. That being said if you are washing it in it’s own it should be fine as it’s a mild detergent. I have had the best luck with Grangers Down Wash.

  29. Thanks for the tip on Grangers. This coat is my most expensive possession after my house, car and TV so I don’t want to mess it up!

  30. Just remember to wash on cold and dry it with dryer balls or tennis balls on low.

  31. On Milwaukee’s site they say available but I haven’t seen them anywhere as of yet.

  32. I feel your pain! That's tough, those things were pretty expensive back in the day

  33. I really wanted one growing up, my parents basically said I could ask for that for Christmas but it would be instead of a new game. So I said yes, the controller was a lot of fun until my dog started using the joystick as a chew toy months later and it became literally painful to play. That being said the joystick was always stiff and often preferred to use the regular NES game pad.

  34. I just got a engine service light on my Powerboost after the app said it failed to remote start (it didn’t). I haven’t cleared the codes yet, I want to but was advised to drive it in a moderate fashion for an extended period of time to see if it clears on its own. I have a feeling it’s a computer issue with the new firmware that was installed last week.

  35. I’m fascinated by those Wera ratchets; they look online like they would be a little flimsy (owning Wera screwdrivers and the tool check they are anything but flimsy).

  36. Can’t wait to see what happens from this collab

  37. Regular is flat. Phillips type invented later

  38. Grew up in the 80s and my dad always called the flathead the “regular” screwdriver.

  39. Also if you have an Apple TV make sure that’s updated as well. My HomePods just stopped talking to my lights until I realized the hub wasn’t on the same OS version.

  40. Thanks for detailed info! I must have been basing my idea of the Houdini on their older versions.

  41. I haven’t tried the other versions but I have a 2019 Houdini and I only use it as a wind layer as it’s not breathable; however for my use case it’s not that important. In fact my torrentshell 3L is more breathable but it’s not running gear of course.

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