1. I wasn’t sure that’s why I clarified. You mentioned only porn and trauma. I wish it was just as simple as addressing one issue but I feel it is a mix of a lot of things.

  2. I know. That’s why I said those two first. Quit using porn and get emdr and you will see changes and other things will come up as you grow.

  3. I will definitely try that thank you for your help!

  4. The US is fine. I’ve lived here 40 years and never been shot or put in prison.

  5. Because sin occurs through the act of human will. Simply being gay without acting on it (in voluntary throught or deed) does not involve the consent of the human will. Hence the attraction itself cannot be a sin. Its only when one consents to it that one becomes culpable.

  6. Jesus’ teachings say the heart sins first before you act on it. The Bible says the heart is wicked behind all understanding who can know it. We are culpable of sin by simply being because we are not God. Only God is holy.

  7. Noone is culpable of sin by simply being. The opposite is true actually. God created humanity in the image of his nature (Wisdom 2:23).

  8. You’re confusing transcendentalism with Christianity. Besides, Scripture even says all creation is subject to the curse of sin.

  9. The way you feel is okay. God is bigger than our feelings. If you have trouble connecting with God then consider what part of your life you have sin in and need to repent of. It is our sin that keeps us from God not our feelings, not our knowledge, not anything else. Through Jesus Christ alone our sin is forgiven. Read the word and learn and know the person of Jesus and then you can grow and repent more and more of sin you are unaware you have. It’s a process.

  10. Lube the shit out of it and get a lighter buffer before you adjust the gas block. I had the same problem and had to get it broken in some after lightening the buffer. It works really well now.

  11. I understand feeling that way. Everyone deals with loss differently and getting mad is totally okay. Being frustrated with everyone else is okay. But just know they are trying to show respect in the way they know how, even if it’s a shitty way.

  12. Literally nothing is subjective about right-wing extremists trying to bully the LGBTQ out of their own communities.

  13. Sounds like you’re too emotional to properly consider the validity of the point. So discussing it with you will be useless.

  14. It’s not that clear cut. When your sympathetic nervous system is on full throttle you do stuff you don’t think you would otherwise. It’s not always logical. That’s more than half the reason people need to train and plan, so that you go rote memory.

  15. All these jokes but think about how sad that dog just have been after. He accidentally killed his best friend.

  16. Looks great! What brand of camper shell is that?

  17. miss, hit, miss Clip is not about my aim, I guess your Brain is to slow to process what happend

  18. I have been too busy they last few months to be paying close attention but from what I underdtand Nathan is our guy, right?

  19. Op join the CPTSD discord! It is full of like-minded people who will totally validate you.

  20. Why in the world would you think this needs to be repaired? What's the thought process there?

  21. There’s more to life than just biology. I’m glad you took your first bio class though and that you are able to apply it to things you experience. Just be careful not to over do it.

  22. in the last image, who is that? whats that quote about?

  23. Knowing what camo is proper for your environment is a skill.

  24. You think the hating on different camo in this sub is a proper reflection of skill acquisition?

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