1. Can confirm, I just went ham one day and smashed it out. I was averaging 1 level each game I played. It's actually rather enjoyable

  2. Did you hit the level, or finish the level? Some will credit at the level, some make you finish it. If you search on

  3. I pushed through to 71 just to be sure lol

  4. Hey, if you haven't already, please reply to this comment with your positions and what led you to enter or exit them!

  5. The game shows on the visited page, I’ll just wait a few days and see what happens and contact support if nothing does. Thanks for your reply :)

  6. Hey there, new to SwagBucks myself and wondering the same thing. Did it end up showing up for you?

  7. It's the only "good" champion that a lot of newer accounts will have if they aren't spending money. Build him with some regen and it beats people that don't know how to plan for it (heal reduction, block buffs, etc), so it's popular at lower levels.

  8. OK so what you're saying is the only point of the defenders is to stop people getting up to platinum?

  9. Looking for an mmo that focuses on having a single character character that can change classes based on gear and skills. 3PP, basically a cross between OSRS and WoW

  10. I think FF14 does this. ... also maybe New World too?

  11. Just saw FFXIV has a free trial up to lvl 60. Will give it a go, thanks for that

  12. I tried that but they wouldn't let me design the city

  13. Oh heavens no, it's just that the mods are becoming more intricate and detailed while the games engine is still the same. I love the game just wish there was a way to make it run more optimally.

  14. Disney's dream walk valley based on your animal crossing and my time in portia games

  15. Waiting for the free-play-play to come out :)

  16. Can confirm its actually really fun. Got it for my kids and ended up playing it myself

  17. Recently read the silmarillion followed by the hobbit then lotr. Fucking wild ride

  18. Until further notice, all comments posted to this subreddit must contain the phrase "Greg Abbott is a little piss baby" or else they will be removed.

  19. Greg Abbott is a little piss baby, I didn't buy it because it had a picture of shit on it

  20. Greg Abbott is a little piss baby. Not being from the US this is very strange and I don't even know what a Greg Abbott is

  21. Arnt they filled with nitrogen (slightly lighter than air) to prevent rancidity?

  22. I'm glad you're still active. Please never leave

  23. I used "Move-it" to get it like this but it causes the cars in the northern lane to either do a 20ft jump or disappear into the pavement and lauch out at the speed of sound like a rocket to their desired location

  24. Also any ideas on how to remove those crossings would be fantastic

  25. Just making my own comment train now

  26. I was just scrolling because I was bored. Now I'm bored and mildly impressed. Good job

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