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  1. a great example of filossofy being used in the completely wrong place

  2. That sometimes happens to me but I never know if it is some sort of Deja Vu or a dream I half forgot or if my subconsciousness decided to do something.

  3. This is not really related but I know the feeling when you wake up and don't know what was real or get extreme de-java related to a dream which is disturbing in of itself

  4. Do you know the feeling when you dream and have partial consciousness? I have that very often and usually, I (in the dream) do the opposite of the thing that half-conscious me wants to do (no idea why). my point is that your dreams usually don't represent you that much.

  5. I don't think I have that with nightmares (i usually forget immediately so i can not tell) but other dreams I had have an impact on my mood. For me (might sound weird) talking to my friends about it usually makes it less intense (IDK ... makes it feel less real? if that makes sense)

  6. Have you tried a plane with an ocean modifier?

  7. If you where in Germany you could have started at 14 (only light alcohol)

  8. The compass that always points to the nearest dick

  9. Making a villager (slave) trading hall (mc)

  10. "You really have no idea, do you?" then laugh

  11. He/she says the day. does that mean the whole day or just daytime?

  12. As relaxing as cold weather is, Sweating once a day is good for you guys thus warm weather balances your body temperature

  13. The question sais the weather so i guess you could go to the sauna

  14. if people just accept other religions and stop suppressing serten people/genders/things.

  15. People stopped believing everything the pope said and experimented/questioned/tested things before believing stuff.

  16. Interrogate them and record them to show them the video when they are normal again. or just ask things

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