1. My kid (most of the time), my dog (always without fail), my cat (if she's feeling it).

  2. Capitalism isn't sustainable without strict regulation. And Americans aren't into regulation. It's crashed once already, only a matter of time until it does again and for good.

  3. Uh no, we don't. If we did unions wouldn't be needed to raise the standard of living. We are far from regulated.

  4. I cried one time because my mom bought lacy panties. I was around 5 or 6 and was crushed that my mom was such a whore.

  5. I like how you thought that at such a young age.

  6. I was ashamed for her, and I was raised atheist so it wasn't in my upbringing to have that shame. I think I just saw my mother as you know, A MOM, and it crushed me to think of her as anything else. She loves telling that story :)

  7. That Gold insurance plan is amazing! Good for you!

  8. You've never had insurance, have you? It's fairly obvious, if I'm honest about it.

  9. Healthcare for profit is just that, FOR PROFIT.

  10. Yesterday morning when my neighbors dogs busted my fence to try and get my cat.

  11. Yea women no longer taking your shit is scary, huh?

  12. Talked about me behind my back to the point of almost ruining my job. 20+ year friendship gone when she refused to acknowledge the damage she did.

  13. I did nothing and she eventually got fired. Give someone enough rope and they'll hang themselves. Works every time.

  14. We would see deer, turkeys, and geese out of our windows at work in KS. Alligators are scary but have you ever had to cross a goose? Bitches are MEAN and they attack!

  15. We have the most beautiful zoo, if you can make it through the stupid geese! Get back to Canada, eh!

  16. Working a liquor store on a Friday.

  17. I did that for 10 years. Best part time job in the history of part time jobs.

  18. Murder in the City by the Avett Brothers

  19. Those who don't replace the toilet paper roll and me

  20. That the first amendment protects you from repercussions of whatever dumb ass shit you say.

  21. As an adult who wasn't diagnosed until my 30's and a mother of a son with ADHD I can tell you it is a life changing experience finding the right meds. Even though I was taking medication, it was still extremely difficult to make the decision to allow my son to be on them as well, and like you made a huge difference to the quality of his life. Kudos! Great parenting, those kids are lucky to have found you!

  22. I can see you've posted more comments but I can't see actual comments to reply.

  23. $500 fee, an hour wasted for 6 firefighters for burning toast. Great job!

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