1. Funny, I use it more to kill other champions than anything else. Still make a better score that my teammates.

  2. Chilling smite's slow is very clutch

  3. I want to take this opportunity to say: people need to stop bursting epic monsters towards the end. It makes it really hard to smite properly. You almost feel like you have to smite above the smite amount because you're anticipating your teammates to burst it and you'll lose the 50/50 if you are too slow. The simple solution is for everyone to stop attacking the objective before the health bar drops below 1k so the jungler can take it at their own pace. This will prevent the enemy from getting a random snipe through something like a lux ult and make 50/50s less likely.

  4. Yeah man. Not enough people bring pink/scanners to obj fights as well. Thanks for this.

  5. So I don't understand how this is from a Japanese perspective. Sure, we (in other countries) hear the name Jiece and think "Oh, what a cool name for this character!" But wouldn't people in Japan hear it and immediately think "Why is this character named 'Cheese'?"

  6. Manga name is Jheese or ジース, Jīsu. Cheese is チーズ

  7. Either I’m super lucky or it really works, but from what i tried for the last week, being agreeable + positive in the draft, and just saying GJ or wp in early game considerably reduce toxicity among your team. I think I’ve never enjoyed my soloQ (used to duoQ everytime my mate was available but he barely plays so I’ve no choice) *more than now

  8. That's really nice of you. I'm just an observer in chat while I play my own game but I never flame. Draft always has banter. I take the time to say buy grievous wounds against heal champs.

  9. Nah expecting poro energy is too much and honestly not worth, i just want more remakes or to not loose a mark if a teammate was afk

  10. Yes. If I don't receive rewards, but the remake system gets fixed I am for it.

  11. Hasn't happened to me yet. Try, Settings -> Controls -> Dash in Move Direction, it could help.

  12. You should use a stable one for safety and consistency. I used an unstable one, the workout was fine, but one day it broke. Now I use rings slung over a solid part of the house.

  13. Play, play, play, watch some videos, play, play, play, watch some videos, play, play

  14. I tried looking for "conqueror", but only videos about the rune show up. I have many games under lee sin and I love every part of the champs kit. Thanks man!

  15. Lee sin can't 1v9 unlike other champs, especially in the late game. What you can do is gank as much as possible and get all the objectives. Give kills to your hard-scaling teammates than to yourself. Even if you go 10-0, if it comes to the late game, you won't be strong (unless the enemy comp have no scaling champs). You're correct that Lee Sin relies on your team. Use your ult intelligently. Use it to insec, to knock up 5 enemies, etc.

  16. Thanks signorpopoy. What jg champs can 1v9? I feel jg is more of a coin flip in soloQ Wild Rift than PC.

  17. Imagine if they rereleased MH Freedom 2 instead as a single purchase

  18. hey man i stopped watching OP because I wanted to watch the whole japan island arc. Is the arc finished and can I watch it until they leave the island (is it animated after they beat dragon boss?) Thanks

  19. If you mean wano arc, the anime for it is ongoing. It will likely be quite some time before it wraps up that arc as the pacing is currently really bad. Theres roughly 40-ish chapters to adapt but recent episodes aren't adapting full chapters.

  20. oh wow. Thanks for the response friend. I love the new art direction but the episodes are cliffhangers so I stopped to watch later. I watched Super after it ended and it was really great.

  21. Sunfire/iceborn gauntlet combo. Or AD blitzcrank in ARAM.

  22. Mid melee pocket picks: pantheon jayce. But personally just go assassin. Diana is good. Her ult is cheese. Or you can Galio, has fast waveclear and perfect vs mages (my pocket pick vs teemo).

  23. You have the new support items. It's the default buy for almost all supports. 500g Sickle/Relic. If your adc misses you get gold from them. Sickle gives gold per poke/Relic gives gold to you and adc when you last hit.

  24. Fingers crossed. New cozy music/cozy rift/fun gamemodes.

  25. The unfortunate problem is the potential for gaming the system if we did that. Losing a game? Make someone AFK or intentional feed so the rest of the team doesn't pay. So we need to penalize that player enough to disincentivize gaming the system and not make compensation too big. Example: the obvious bad idea is if someone intentionally feeds all the other players in the game get a win on both teams. That's pretty ripe for abuse. We could give a loss shield as suggested, and we'd need to penalize the offending player more to compensate which might be too overboard. So we've been conservative on the compensation we provide out of the gate. It's something we can look at changing in the future now that the system has been active and not causing problems.

  26. just for soloQ is enough. and maybe a more forgiving remake system. (and doom bots). day1 player here thanks for the cool game.

  27. In my opinion borders are entirely useless and unnecessarily expensive, and for most cases make things uglier, but that's just me I'm not hating on you for liking them.

  28. Instead of borders, what if they made loading screens have animated portraits?

  29. How much did you spend? How many wild cores to get everything?

  30. Good thing I don’t play any the SC champs. Anyway, that’s maybe 11.7k wild cores. In my region, 7,500 wc costs around 43 USD. So that’s almost 100 USD for 30 loot boxes.

  31. That's really expensive. One box costs 390wc for me. So 30 chests is 11,700wc. A nightmare for collectors.

  32. Wait so outside of the gacha, what does the event do? Cos there's like a training thing where you pick from sett, zed and Kennen and I skipped the tutorial and not paid attention (my bad lol). So you train your picked champion then what?

  33. 3,500 poro energy + recall + icon + icon border + bauble

  34. Well you need to train the movement. If you are asking if you can lift 500 off your chest then yes if you're gifted and an outlier of the whole human species but there's a difference with barbell bench and normal push up form. Even normal push ups I don't think the wrists can take 500lbs of stress, your chest maybe but it wont translate to benchpress.

  35. try duo/triple with your irl mates the game changed for me that way.

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