1. Sadly, a lot of people don't participate in voting with their wallet while still trapped under capitalism.

  2. The first time I helped my ex orgasm to tears it was fucking scary. Like I had to stop and thought I had done something wrong. Some men are as interested in doling out pleasure as well as receiving. I myself don't feel like quite as much of a man if you aren't in a puddle at the end.

  3. So you're one of those guys who make a woman's orgasm about you, actually. That's a really bad sign and doesn't indicate anything good. Those tears might have meant something other than what you think they meant.

  4. Well now I feel bad. At the time she just told me that was something that can happen when it's really good, but that could have just been something nice to say.

  5. I agree with the glowing piles of ash I vaporize them into.

  6. I agree with pounding in their faces bare handed to mock their skills.

  7. A snoz berry fell from a bush

  8. I miss rainbow sonic. It pissed off the right people. Gimme a reason to like knuckle up there.

  9. Could do a round table with you're into the Arthurian nonsense

  10. I've been clean from meth for two years and five months as of a few days ago.

  11. Someone who doesn't work with heavy machinery I'm even okay if you show up stoned and want to work it off. Don't show up drunk and work it off.

  12. Are you particularly paid to stand through the worst s**** or are you allowed to leave if it's bad enough?

  13. Pursue the covenant friend. Feel the pulsating, throbbing eggs all moving inside of you.

  14. I pegged him as an asshole from colter.

  15. (Sadly Formerly) Sean Connery ... even as a Russian submarine commander ... Fuck You I'm Scottish, deal with it!

  16. I've never seen shuch green roving hill as Shcotland - Sean Connery as a spaniard

  17. Yep, that right there is my favorite hat. Only one I wear after I steal it.

  18. Ya'know, I thought the same thing till I got the red fox hat.amkes him such a silly friendly looking man.

  19. *chads pronouns are Chad/Chad.

  20. What are they magnetized to?

  21. Olive toned* my Mediterraneans in da house

  22. According to anime 2 seconds in the future can let you do some bad ass s***. Jedi too

  23. He just seems like a raider to me my dude

  24. Not that I'm into it per se, but I know there's guides for this that make it hella easy for "the perfect new Vegas"

  25. Sadly some people will think that's where that belongs. He not lost, just an asshole most likely.

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