1. I don't they were deployed we would have heard about it through a terminal or something. But they were further mutated by the Master that's the only concrete thing I have found out so the Master had to find them somewhere.

  2. The point is any daughter he would have, assuming she survived the raiders, would look like Daisy

  3. Pretty sure she'd have a much higher chance of looking like a skeleton

  4. Don't think u understand what it means to evolve, it's different than aging. The first super mutant didn't come out of the lab with armor on already, they gotta go out and get em or sth

  5. You ever wonder if that's a pivotal function to their being or if it's just apart of their programming? You forget that the synths are artificial human beings, being creations and machinations of man. I forgot where I found a lot of this information from, most of it was compounded from doing research through other subreddit posts alongside of the actual fallout wiki (the one that is equivalent to the UESP site for Elder Scrolls) and I realize I forgot to mention that this is largely a theory and not statistical facts.

  6. I know this is like 8 months after, but it has been revealed that the song was recorded in their homes during the pandemic, and not in an actual studio, hence why the audio is a bit off.

  7. nope, probably very early summer, with singles and music videos throughout the spring.

  8. He forgot to come on stage for "Tortuga" in Oslo so Chris had to do the Yarrface part.

  9. It's like Gloryhammers version of "P is for pirate" that Alestorm included as an Itunes Bonus Track

  10. I mean "Fly Away" was released on the Napalm Records youtube channel, seems odd for that to happen if they're switching labels

  11. Both. Fly Away is kinda better and I listened to it a lot back when it came out, but the nostalgia and being used to Thomas’ vocals hits hard.

  12. That would be nice. But not right now, as bitter fans would pick apart the songs and compare them to when Thomas was the vocalist to try to figure out "who is better" when it's all subjective.

  13. Thomas was kinda terrible live is my main issue. Hopefully he starts doing better

  14. I've only ever heard Michael live, not Thomas, so I am unable to compare their live performance.

  15. I’m not hating, but I feel like he can level up his armor.

  16. It's certainly better than the green Iron Man suit that Thomas Winkler wore in the music video for "Rise of the Chaos Wizards"

  17. He did signal early to the sound both to increase his mic and from that moment it sounded really good from my vantage point.

  18. It certainly got better after the first song. I was also up in the galleria and wearing earplugs which naturally does muffle the sound a little bit, even if they're specially made concert earplugs.

  19. There are pencils and penns all over the place still.

  20. The Brotherhood is always been like that even under Lyons they were prejudiced against Ghouls and mutants. Main difference in this regard between them and The Enclave is that the Enclave's people want to kill anyone whose got a little bit of radiation exposure.

  21. If it were the same as Eden then he wouldn't have refused to put the FEV in the water, that said if I had to guess any sort of genetic compliance would have been a matter of 10 toes, 10 fingers, two hands the basic stuff. So they'd be similar to the Reich in the Metro books, arguably still evil but not cartoonish as in Fallout 2.

  22. I mean, not only was the courier shot twice by Benny, he also did survive it, so it's not stronger than any other 9mm pistol really.

  23. Still, 200 years is a long time. Someone would've made it by then. The player goes to the Pitt by railroad and thats even further away.

  24. The "improved" models were wiped out in Fallout 2 by the Enclave; those were the ones you could talk with/wore the cloaks, et cetera

  25. You found the person understanding that humans are humans even when they are not made in the conventional way

  26. Bigger communities survive for longer and are less exposed to sickness than smaller communities.

  27. I think what he's asking is why and how these large communities sprung up around the infrastructure of the ruined cities to begin with, not the actual size of the community itself.

  28. Considering we get no actual details about their performance, trying to get an idea of just how genetically surperior they were is impossible.

  29. There are female super mutants as well and the Master was under the impression that they would still be able to have kids.

  30. Last year riot almost didn't renew sjokz. When news broke out all fans were pissed. Eventually they came to an agreement.

  31. Ahem h2-22 barly remembers the institute and us Gen 3, in fact the only thing g he can tell you is how he was expected to behave

  32. “It’s clean” is hardly descriptive or memorizable. Somine raised in the institute and now in the wasteland (of which we have met many) don’t talk first about the cleanliness but how advanced it is. Only a wastelander would think “clean” is impressive while both scientists who ask for directions, actual synths, and even dr zimmer of SRB talk first about how underdeveloped the wasteland is. If glory really was a synth in the institute “it’s clean” and no actal description of what that means would not be her core memory

  33. Like i said, the failsafe makes synths forget almost everything.

  34. Well, from several of the games, any shots damage you even though the armor, so base-level.. pipe pistol?

  35. That's a gameplay feature, nothing to do with the lore of the games

  36. Are you thinking of T-45? XO-1 is a prototype of XO-2

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