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  1. Awesome list and great dialogue.

  2. Never heard of them! That would be pretty amazing, they'll make the list in the next edition if they pull that off.

  3. Did a bit more dumpster diving today. Canadabis (Stigma Grow) posted a positive net income for their full year results. profit of 600k for the year. Would be even more exciting if they didn't have 11.9M in current liabilities to pay off.

  4. did you hear Canntab is pitching up with a company call Blackrose... ever hear of them?

  5. I don't see TRIP or BRAX here..... woo hoo!! :D

  6. Brax is a weird one. Often untradeable because of volume. It was one of the first companies to open actual clinics but there was the whole trading halt shitshow that lasted forever and that just killed it.

  7. whelp... that was a surprise this morning.

  8. Calgary rocks man. And not Toronto

  9. Go to Staples and get a refill!

  10. My mom got re-remarried when I was 20, They have been married for many many years now. He played/plays very little roll in my fatherly needs, and never will.

  11. I rolled mine yeaaars ago stepping on some shit in the middle of the night. It doesn’t bother me but I can still sense that outer ligament whenever I have skates on. It’s not painful but it’s just a weird sensation idk how to describe it. But that shit hurt for sooooo long.

  12. Dude, I rolled my ankle last week in a snow rut in the driveway... I was terrified for like a day to see if it's going to be a bad one or not. you know that feeling when it could go either way. Doged a bully there. Turned out it's not my time. lucky.

  13. Surprised Trump and Biden haven’t pulled the same move. Both probably in diapers to be safe.

  14. I had clinical doses and not only did I loose the interest in smoking, I also lost other "addictions". I no longer "craved" drinking alcohol or salty fast food.

  15. Hold the stocks you have. Buy the index moving forward

  16. I walked onto a Ford lot, and they first tried to send me to the pre owned car lot. I stated I was looking to buy new. They still wasted my time with two trucks from that lot, for basically the price of a new. Finally they showed me the new truck selection (if you could call it that). Needless to say, I didn’t purchase through them.

  17. the local large grocery store had a food drive on, partly sponsored by the local Ford dealer as well. They said "FILL THE FORD" and had a big F150 in the lobby.

  18. yeah, and why die? Seems unnecessary with all that advice and shares. duh?

  19. I scored a perfect pair of B&L glasses from a goodwill for under $5. Probably worth $250.00

  20. off but on topic - who was the girl in Glee the TV show/movie that could do this?

  21. Okay so I’m not crazy, that’s good to hear haha. Sitting on mine too! Just noticing a lot of other psych companies sharing news a decent amount lately and wondered if I missed anything

  22. I think I may have seen (on TW?) that Rosenblat is at a conference for a few days at this momnent....; with the unpublished results of the study.

  23. Nothing. The bank will write IOUs to itself and pay them back in the future.

  24. I did that one time at an ATM on a Friday night when I was around 17.

  25. I’d look for a bump in mushroom grow kit sales, primarily in Canada and to some extent in the NL (which is only 2 months or so running). I wouldn’t hold my breath for greatly increased sales from the Smartshops. It would be great to see organic growth numbers from SR wholesale as a gauge for micro dosing interest in the NL.

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