1. it could be amazing if you could do a youtube video on that

  2. I've actually been telling myself for years that I'm going to do a video on setting up a Spectrum Classic.. as soon as I finish recovering from knee surgery and I can actually get back on a court again, I'm gonna make it happen for real. Thanks for the motivation!

  3. So I've only been playing on grass and sand that's far from official, but it's stood up well so far. paging

  4. Welcome! Check out the Pyro Volleyball group on Facebook, people post open gyms on the group. Friday nights and Sunday nights Sports Connection hosts indoor open gyms. Friday is at their North Lake location, Sunday nights is at their Granite Street location. Details are at

  5. Hey dude, what’s the skill level at the open gym at north lake?

  6. Sorry, haven't been on Reddit much, but there are a bunch of rec-level players, and then usually a few team of mostly solid players that can actually pass, set, hit, and block (around A-level).

  7. What they're saying is that a DNA test isn't a 'race test', it's a method of figuring out where your ancestors lived.

  8. Again, this comes down to my religion. Your sexuality is not directly equal to your identity, it can play a part in it, yes but Christianity classifies homosexuality as a sin, and to me thats enough beacuase I believe in God, so our definition of "supporting" and "loving" someone is different

  9. I really like Aqua 80 on Oasis. Good music, some cool 'flying' (with wires), high dives, solid dancing, and water effects just made for a really fun show.

  10. Will I enjoy this if I hate 80s music?

  11. Probably not the show for you. The ice show on Oasis was really good though, you'd probably enjoy that more (unless you also hate fairytales I guess?).

  12. My issue is more with setting up a staging environment and then pushing to live when I'm ready, and having backups of the staging environment in case I screw things up and need to go back to what I had earlier.

  13. To the person that replied before and deleted their comment:

  14. Honestly, others aren't much better. I had my pre-cruise test done at a Walgreens drive through two days ago. She put the swab packet in the container, said "you know what to do" and walked away. I could have easily not done it or done it incorrectly and got a false negative.

  15. Planes are surprisingly safe. Air in the cabin is circulated and filtered much more than the air in a regular building, so unless someone is breathing right onto you, you're very unlikely to get it from the flight itself. The airport is a huge number of people sitting around for a potentially long time, so it probably depends on the air filtering they have at each airport.. but hopefully most major airports at this point have implemented decent filters.

  16. I’m trying to find out more about this. I know they used to have a kitchen for feeding just the crew, and could cater to the different nationalities. I remember my first cruise our waiter was from India, but this was before I had heard about the second kitchen. How would I go about asking what they might have available that’s not on the menu. My wife and I like chicken tikka masala and butter chicken, but we are adventurous and will try damn near anything.

  17. You can just ask your waiter what they have that's not on the menu if you don't like anything on the regular menu. I think Chicken Tikka Masala was on the menu for us one of the days, but otherwise they mentioned it to us specifically because they had vegetarian Indian options, so if you're okay with that then they can probably hook you up. But personally I always found at least one or two options that I liked on the regular menu. I'd say try to do specialty dining if you're looking for better quality interesting options.. the crew food isn't going to necessarily be as good as the regular MDR, or the other off-menu options could be what they're serving in Windjammer, which isn't usually as good either. Not necessarily bad food, just might not feel as 'nice' as the regular MDR food.

  18. I think what it comes down to is that Royal is not a higher-end cruise line, so you don't get higher-end food. We've found the food to be right between Carnival and Celebrity, which makes sense based on the price of the cruise, but the bigger ship we were on had slightly better food than the smaller ship we were on, so I wonder if that's part of it.

  19. The weight of some fruits can't be suspended in the yogurt indefinitely.

  20. When I get home from Italy (where I'm too busy eating a LOT of gelato in between slices of pizza and helping my wife deal with her Covid, which is preventing us from leaving), I'm going to do an experiment. I'm going to buy a 'fruit on the bottom' yogurt cup, flip it over, and two weeks later I'm going to open it to see if the fruit is suspended on top.

  21. Hah!!! Haven't thought about that in forever, but yeah I guess my username sounds like it's based on the yogurt, so there ya go!

  22. I know nothing about volleyball nor do I care about their referees. The rules in baseball are enforced.

  23. I see that 3.10 rule called ALL the time.

  24. Does it ever not get called? What about 4.06? Or any of the other rules from the link?

  25. Hello, I have one quick question! Is the resort 4/20 friendly and available by some connections in the resort? I'll be there very soon and don't plan to venture into town to deal with anyone sketchy.

  26. Can't help you there, unfortunately. I don't want to provide advice about legality because I'm not a lawyer and I don't want to give poor advice about it.

  27. I'm going to screenshot this thread and turn it into an NFT. And because you now understand NFTs, you know that you can't just screenshot my screenshot and pretend it's the original, because that's how NFTs work. Yay!

  28. But.. you can't. I mean, I guess technically you could pretend it's the original. But it wouldn't be the original. So you can, but you shouldn't. Please don't do it?

  29. Starting an all female mechanics business in LA! Focused on serving the queer community and providing a trustworthy place for you to get your car worked on.

  30. Currently own a screen printing and POD shop along with a powder coat shop. Both industries dominated by men. I’m lucky to have a partner who helps me through highs and lows in the business and employees who care about us and our production. We’re going on almost 3 years now and one of our biggest customers just so happens to be Whataburger. It’s going pretty good I’d say.

  31. Do you do lanyards, stickers, luggage tags, or any other promotional items that could be used for a travel group? We're in the planning phases of some group trips for travelers looking to get discounted travel and free swag, and we're looking at what would probably be fairly small orders to start (like 50-100 of each), but we see a lot of potential for growth and may also have other clients that would be interested in custom promo items. I have a friend that does screen printing or embroidery for our tees/polos/hoodies, but if I could get more of this kind of stuff from a real person (rather than a faceless website) that would be really nice. Feel free to DM me if that's easier.

  32. I agree, but I don't see why it would be wrong to call that a legal block either. Whether or not it would likely be called one way or the other doesn't put my mind at ease, and my personal view is that I don't think such a discrepency should exist in professional sports without a declarative ruling or officially stated endorsement.

  33. While the blocking action is legal in that it's blocking an attack hit, doing the illegal action of interfering with the opponent's third touch is illegal and therefore causes the blocker's team to lose that point.

  34. Enjoy the cruise! We're at a hotel in Venice now, just got off Brilliance early this morning, had a great time.

  35. Do you know if there was a shuttle to Ravenna from the port?

  36. They gave options for transfers, but we didn't hear anything about them until a few days into the trip. We got a bus for $10/person back to Ravenna train station, but they had options for getting back to Venice as well.

  37. Still with this nonsense? The mods already warned you once, enjoy your ban.

  38. Private because I don't want to get doxxed by people like you..

  39. There is no ban for warning other people!

  40. Private because I don't want to get doxxed by people like you..

  41. I think what it comes down to is that if you're going out in publi (indoors), you do run some risk of getting Covid. I have 3 close family members that recently contacted Covid (within the last month), 2 of whom had never gotten it before (generally masked, social distancing whenever practical, etc.). All 3 were vaxxed and boosted, and none were hospitalized.

  42. Why do people who have never read the constitution always bring it up like they are superior for knowing about 2 amendments.

  43. Because they think it makes them sound like they're arguing for what's 'right', when really we should be acting based on what's morally and pragmatically best for our country. They ignore evidence because they don't want to feel inferior to people that are more educated than themselves, so the fact that outlawing abortion doesn't reduce the abortion rate is irrelevant to them. And they know that riling people up about abortion will get more Republicans to vote, regardless of whether or not they actually care about the issue.

  44. Oh really? Thats amazing for how much you’re spending there.

  45. Don't forget that while it seems like $35, it's really $35 plus the cost of the dinner you'd get in the MDR, which could be a steak, shrimp, lobster, or whatever other expensive entree (plus appetizer and desserts) that I don't normally order for myself.

  46. You have no evidence that the abortion rate would not decline, but I'm pretty confident in saying that I bet they would drop drastically.

  47. Check the research, there's plenty of evidence rates don't decline.

  48. You give me the research if you want to change my mind.

  49. You're clearly not interested in changing your mind then..

  50. Just a heads up, that user is getting banned for constantly lying about me. They never used me as their TA, check their post history for proof that they don't use TAs at all. They're mad because I called them out for spamming their Palace Resorts referral link.

  51. We're actually already working with this user, but good try again. You never used us as your TA, mods warned you, enjoy your ban.

  52. It didn't actually happen, they're getting banned for this nonsense. They're just mad because I called them out for spamming their Palace Resorts referral link in every thread and not actually helping anyone. Check their post history for proof that they never used a TA.

  53. Again with this? You never used me as an agent, stop being so upset just because I called you out for spamming your Palace Resorts referral links.

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