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  1. The 'who, what, when and where.' That's how I remember writing articles when we learnt about journalistic writings in school.

  2. my media studies in primary school ages ago had "who what how why where when" and for every snippet we took out of a newspaper or magazine we had to write a paragraph on each, like if there was a politics story we had to get the people involved, figure out the reasoning, who it impacts or caters for, even the meta stuff like why is this important or why is it being reported on, etc. looking back it was a pretty tricky thing to tackle for a 10 year old going really in depth into dry subject matter in newspapers or trying to figure out the reasoning for the existence of celeb goss in women's weekly...

  3. Oh what was that about? I used to love listening to them on the radio back in the day.

  4. https://web.archive.org/web/20090529161647/http://www.news.com.au/dailytelegraph/story/0,22049,22051878-5012964,00.html

  5. Berserk music hits hard but you cut it off too early :(


  7. And all the major roads had names instead of numbers

  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rc5G04nJecI#t=3m7s

  9. If anyone’s ever held one of these guys they know they just try and burrow in between your fingers at an alarming rate, RIP your mates pee hole.

  10. and it's spiky as fuck, dunno about between the fingers tho

  11. Promotes grind culture which is destructive to your mental/physical health as well as being counterintuitive to actually getting rich. Guarantee that every rich person will take that 100k and feel great about it.

  12. If I had to guess, Original OP hamfisted their analogy badly, like they were trying to say that you don't value money until you have to work for it, i.e. setting up for your future instead of pissing away everything for a cheap thrill and nothing to show for it. Before I got a job, I blew through my grandmother's inheritance in a few weeks, had a great time then felt like the lowest absolute garbage piece of shit afterwards when I did get a job and realised it would've taken her a few months of savings cos she was on a pension with no tricky financial things going on in the background. $10k in a few weeks. Almost can't remember a thing of it. I can only remember the $exxy computer I got out of it which can't even run half my steam catalogue now sitting in a corner of a cupboard. But I was a young adult, and it was however an amazing invaluable lesson about how fucking hard it is to earn a fucking dollar, and never take it for granted. Coulda put it towards a newish car or even a deposit on a house if I had my adult brain strapped on at the time. Having said that... fuck yeah I'd take the 100k given the two options presented OOP presented!

  13. I saw a Nekopara stickered WRX the other day.

  14. there's another wrapped one driving around the north shore with the plate reimu

  15. That reminds me of some Finnish words...

  16. Every year gang members get younger and younger.

  17. They're both cheaters though. Smith gets a pass because he isn't as much of a dickhead as Warner and he cried in his press conference, but at the end of the day he is a cheat who repeatedly lied about his cheating after being caught out while pretending he was remorseful.

  18. his achievements as a batsman can't be disputed, how did he cheat while batting?

  19. Hansie found a way. Anything is possible when you don't give a bugger about integrity.

  20. step one is knowing where all the toll points are so you can get on and off hitting one toll point on an otherwise long toll road

  21. This is something I have always loved about Reddit - read something sensational, inflammatory or confusing. Top comment gives the explanation.

  22. And then capitalism happened to the board game and we got this awful monstrosity.

  23. irony: hasbro, the company that owns the rights to monopoly is in a bit of a pickle this year finding new ways to squeeze profits from their customers across all their franchises (and it's backfiring gloriously).

  24. Here it is everyone. This is why you should NEVER pledge loyalty to your employer no matter who they are in the 21st century. Loyalty is GONE. The second a better opportunity turns up you should already be one foot out the door.

  25. "if you earn minimum wage, what that means is, if they could pay you less, they would." -some comedian

  26. This link is also great for understanding some differences.

  27. "He walks in and asks her “what’s for dinner?”, then goes back to the TV.

  28. more like if a person is a grub it means they're lowlife deviant scum. higher insult than calling someone a cunt, since you can't call your mate a good grub or if they're having a rough day a poor grub


  30. Warehouse jobs, forklifting or pick packing, it’s what I did. Had major problems with social anxiety and not wanting to deal with customers, working in a warehouse helped me out a lot. And they pay decent

  31. warehousing can be fast paced and meatgrinding depending on where you start off. thankfully HR has low expectations and expects about 10% cream and 90% chaff so don't get too beat up about trying to be on top of your game at all times. just showing up regularly and on time puts you above half of the other candidates which is enough to keep a job. quick learners are kept on regardless off minor fuckups. fuckups can be trained away. after 3/6 months they should put you full time. pick packing would be a good start depending on walking fitness, then get a fork ticket and do forking for a 10% base pay bump. forking has a big safety responsibility attached though so you gotta be switched on and not tagging your brain out thinking about lunch or you'll run some cunt over. after pickpack is leading hand and then ops or management after a few years depending on the churn rate.

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