1. Meme: Do you want people to just not go to movies? Because that’s how you get people to just not go to movies.

  2. I use a megaglobe, usually dry these days, with my solo2. I like dry, but am thinking about daisy chaining another globe or maybe a smaller one or two to the out-stem to get even more “dry” cooling. If you look at my post history from the past year or two you’ll see some posts I made on exactly this subject when I was looking for glass for my Solo2 as well.

  3. Does this feel good or is it overstimulation?

  4. That show is STILL going? It was actually pretty good and I watched some of it, but it started to have “filler episodes” and I fell off pretty fast.

  5. Walking Dead… do seasons 1, … 3 … and call it a day 🧟

  6. Holy shit…. It’s hard to even see how he held onto the child with that grip. Good job dude!

  7. It hits even better than it looks! It came with flower bowl, concentrate banger and vape pen adapter.

  8. I’m gonna be honest … there are a lot of bobos on the internet.

  9. It’s kinda disturbing that this is shocking for many.

  10. Then he goes back to his multimillion-dollar home knowing he just made a lot of money from this episode and forgets about this guy.

  11. What a piece of shit. The “reward” is them paying (the corporation) for him to do something that will essentially hopefully make them more money.

  12. Oh come on…. Her dogs goofed and at least she didn’t just walk away completely lol

  13. I always thought that was essentially one of the fermi pair of ducks solution 🦆🦆 Huh.

  14. Those look like weirdly thin and fragile cinder blocks, but still hilarious.

  15. God damn it lol…. I’m not gonna even look it up 😂

  16. I mean… it literally could have been put there by the cartels as a message/warning.

  17. Ain’t nobody got time for that lol 😂

  18. He’s Mr. Plow, that’s his name. That name again is Mr. Plow.

  19. Comment 9,764 making sure you absolutely make sure kitty is not in there before turning on. Don’t leave the door open generally.

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