1. How much are you using subq?

  2. Drawing w bigger ga I am assuming? I tried cyp with my 30ga hgh needles and it took forever or failed each time.

  3. This cannot be good for the economy how else can we finance or get loans on assets, who's running this sh#*?

  4. I pace back and forth in the same 4 foot area. Probably look like a lunatic but it not even a conscious decision I just end up doing it.

  5. Holy crap. I wonder if the left will still default to look how amazing Sweden is now?

  6. Why not do a 5-6 rep max and then use a calculator. Less risk of injury that way, especially on a lift you don’t routinely do.

  7. Been running pareto test 400 for a year straight and have tried their anavar as well. Big fan of their products which is echoed across multiple forums like mesorx and canadianjuicemonkeys.

  8. Had a similar issue but with calves. Was told to drink more water and eat bananas none of which helped.

  9. You keep on saying most women this and most women that and basing it on your own subjective experiences in your own social bubbles. Look up some statistics and then make statements about 'most women'

  10. If the stats you are referring to are factual then it would be the truth more often then not, no?

  11. I have a question about blood tests in canada. Can i ask my doctor for specific hormones i want looked at like test, free test, dht, prolactin, total dht, lhd, liver enzymes and stuff like that?

  12. You can ask, but if your doctor is anything like mine or the others in this thread you will be told you are healthy and there is no need to check it.

  13. My doctor is pretty cool and he does whatever i want. I just want to know if its possible for me to ask him to write me these things.

  14. Oh crap, that must be great. Yes they should be able to test for just about anything then.

  15. Gee willikers! Another loss to the libruls to write-off!

  16. My shake every day is 2 ice cubes, 1 cup Oat milk, handful of frozen strawberry, half cup Greek yogurt, 1 scoop pb2, 1 scoop protein( 2 if I'm on blast) 1 tablespoon of mixed chia/flax/hemp heart seeds. Blend and enjoy.

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