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  1. The scientific calculators and calculus teachers will tell you you’re wrong

  2. It's actually the question that's wrong. It doesn't state whether or not explicit or implicit multiplication should be used so effectively there's potentially two answers

  3. Nice stuff, been waiting for this for MONTHS! This is much simpler than messing around with config files

  4. As an fellow express shift leader, we do. Even if we get to take breaks....if we're the only ones on duty and can't leave....we get paid. I had a manager try and not pay me...so I rang her half way through my shift and told her the store would be closing for 90 minutes while I took my breaks...after two days I was told I will be paid my breaks and it will be back dated 😁🤣 I was also called a professional asshole....I let that slide and enjoyed my extra money's 😂

  5. You guys are awesome and also that thread is super wholesome! Good luck guys

  6. Yeah, so wifi is what the wireless protocol is used for home internet that is available to home devices wirelessly. Wifi stands for "Wireless Fidelity".

  7. I was mostly being a smart★ss. Sorry. 😅

  8. I've done that once, but it was a uni project not work

  9. Isn’t it led? Or you mean lead as in Pb element

  10. Lead as in the element or as in pencil lead, still pronounced the same as led

  11. Indian courts are a bit wild, I remember when the YouTuber PewDiePie released a song that was critical of a media company there, and quite quickly the High Court agreed it was racist against Indians and asked YouTube to make it unavailable there. No doubt Adani will do something similar or even more severe as the situation definitely is more severe.

  12. While this may be true, PewDiePie has made several other overtly racist statements against Indians and has received backlash for it

  13. That's kinda besides the point. I was just making a comment on the actions that the Indian courts take against even relatively minor things when big Indian companies are involved

  14. It's absolutely a bot, they copy slightly well received comments and repost. They then like it with the other bot accounts for it to appear higher up. Usually they have a weird username or a sexy profile pic that says "Ch3ck my Ch4ππel for S3x" or something weird, but YouTube may finally be cracking down on it at least a little bit

  15. Yeah, a lot of people think being a Medical professional means you're ready for anything.

  16. You are totally right. I already had the build in a case, and needed to make it more portable.

  17. No, brokers have a best execution policy and if the volume or spread is too wild or unfavorable to you, it may be deemed mandatory for no orders to be executed.

  18. I may be cynical, but the unfavourable aspect must be for the brokers.

  19. It can be both. If they don't act on their best execution policy, that's bad for you and makes them liable too

  20. There are 10 kinds of people. Which one are you?

  21. Someone will claim OnePlus fault and they settled etc xD "update must have caused this" :D brace yourself!

  22. Omg this reminds me, they had the CEO of Gateron (keyboard switch company) for an AMA on the OnePlus forums. Some guy took the "ask me anything" too literally and asked when the OnePlus Nord CE 2 Pacman edition will get the Oxygen OS update

  23. You're welcome, here's your 1000€ base flagship.

  24. Yeah but in like a month it'll be £750 and have £300 cashback / come with a watch

  25. Easily solos Jerome, Keyes, Halsey, Chief, Arbiter, Craig, Chips Dubbo, and Johnson

  26. Yeah you’re not allowed to carry around a pocket knife in the UK. Maybe you didn’t intend that as a list of false positives

  27. https://media.tenor.com/_SCogit7V-4AAAAM/parks-and-rec-cones-of-dunshire.gif

  28. I thought the basic rule for HTML programmers is to keep it simple, only HTML no CSS! Complete old school design /s

  29. Did you know, the name of the tower is actually Elizabeth Tower? Big Ben is a nickname given to the bell inside.

  30. I actually don't know anyone in the UK that doesn't know this (though the tower name is quite recent)

  31. No need to apologise mate :) I'm sure there are many people here too that don't know it, just that I don't know any personally

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