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  1. Buried? No I cashed out for profit and bought back in on the lows.

  2. That’s the beauty of it. I’m confident with the earnings & outlook.

  3. This is old news . But look into the Panasonic battery news. You will find hints of apple all over this deal. 3 days ago Apple announced Panasonic battery car news then today Canoo does…hmmmm 🧐🧐

  4. I think it will rocket massive in the next week/2weeks (not financial advise) too. Thank you for bringing this to the for front.

  5. I agree. Look at what happened to Bakkt on news of Mastercard today.

  6. This is a blatant lie. PROG is definitely cheaper. SI 65%

  7. PROG is irrelevant, they are basically a penny stock. Doing $40m in revenue. Take your profits while you have the gains

  8. Progenity (PROG) did $40million in 2020. Very low revenue , be careful stock price will pull back. My vote here is Smile Direct Club $SDC, they are approaching just north of $750m in sales.

  9. $SDC - Smile Direct Club 😁. The climb to double digits...

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