1. Poland is Central Europe and our country doesn’t look like Fallout world.

  2. Why am I not surprised that the leftist didn't even bother to have a dual language poster?

  3. This is technically against the rules but since I can't remember seeing a post like this before and people seem to like it we'll leave it up. Similar posts will likely be removed though.

  4. There is a distorted house in Europe that looks exactly like the Crooked house.


  6. "We don't speak British here. Or Dutch. F*** the Dutch!"

  7. None of that would exist in western countries though, our farmers have been mooching off of the government so long they have evolved to be stupider in order to conserve energy that would otherwise be expelled powering the brain.

  8. No subsidies would mean Cyberpunk farming. Skyscrapers growing food indoors, with robots collecting them.

  9. Vertical Farming could be a viable option with advances in renewable energy supply. I saw a startup in America that produces 770 acres worth of vegetables in a one acre building. They have reduced water usage due to a lack of evaporation and don't need pesticides or herbicides. (Those things Monsanto makes that you all hate)

  10. We have reached a point where it will be machines trading with machines, forming the economy.

  11. I watched Animaniacs in Hungarian. And there was the President song:

  12. One of the creators is an IR scholar and son of a Minister and Prof. So very credible.

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