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  1. The witch. Bored me to death. Had maybe 1 or 2 good parts but I literally fell asleep watching this movie TWICE. I decided to give it a third shot and managed to get through all of it but was still like “well, that was a waste of time” nothing about it was scary or anything. Just pure boredom. That being said, I know lots of people like it. I’m just not one of them.

  2. I’m in central Kentucky. My daughter just started middle school this year. Today she came home from school and said a lot of kids were out of class today. 5 in one class, 7 in another class, 10 in another class and so on. My wife sent an email to the principal inquiring and we received a return phone call later in the evening from the principal. Very nice lady, obviously doing a lot to keep the kids as safe as possible especially with all the politics involved. However, I was shocked to find out that the policy to notify parents about cases is basically non-existent. If a child in my daughter’s class comes down with covid, as long as that child was 3 ft away and wore a mask, then according to policy no kids were ‘exposed’ and no notifications are made. WTF?

  3. Also in central Kentucky. That’s why I’m homeschooling my kids. My middle schooler has 3 sick friends with covid right now and they’re in school…also, the governor just rescinded his mask mandate for schools. Didn’t think he’d stoop that low

  4. Sounds like it could be pinworms. I’ve had them in my early 20’s when my kids were very young and brought them home and I didn’t have any symptoms so it’s worth a look if you see them again

  5. I had a false positive like this last week. Mine was even darker than that one but I took 4 more tests (different brands) and all were negative

  6. I’ll never trust this brand again, even though they got very good reviews on Amazon.

  7. I really think these moments should be private. I don't want to see a stranger's photo album either for example.

  8. Update? Are you pregnant? I have these same tests. One positive one negative within hours of each other. Not sure what to think

  9. I see it too! Thanks for the good eye my friend.

  10. And I’ve always heard eating raw/ green potatoes can poison you. Potatoes are delicious and deadly.

  11. My family and in-laws are ATL people, I used to go hunting with Wife’s cousins south of Macon and they had lots of feral hogs. The little ones are good eating, but they get huge and are dangerous. You’ll know soon if they’re around, they travel in big packs and leave a trail of destruction.

  12. Chickens, dogs, cats. All good things for the kiddos too. Plus fresh eggs are so awesome. Wish I could do that and some bee boxes here, our yard is clover and it’s always full of busy bees, fresh clover honey would be 💯. Edit: we are in NJ.

  13. Actually we love bees and honey so much, I’d love to have some. I know UGA offers continuing education courses for bee keeping. I’ll look into it further. I know it’s no simple task haha

  14. Per the CDC: 12% of breakthrough cases are hospitalized.

  15. I find it terrifying. I’m ready for vaccine number 3 as soon as I can.

  16. Absolutely. I’m looking for vaccine number 1 for two of my younger kids. I can’t get my booster until December so I sure hope they’re right about it being 8 months later…

  17. It’s cool that you connected with it and I’m glad you’re not a piece of shit anymore. However, that’s a pretty specific interpretation so unless Tim confirmed that in an interview or something, I’d have to lean to a more general interpretation, as there are other disorders or addictions that might cause similar behavior. However, I can totally see why you’d say that.

  18. Yes, this. That’s exactly why it’s called “I think you should leave” (before you further embarrass yourself)

  19. They’re long, they’re strong, and they wanna get the friction on

  20. Just came to say this is baffling. I’ve never heard of anything like this! That sucks

  21. Is anything stopping you from going to a different pharmacy and getting a 3rd dose? I doubt it

  22. Someone on Reddit did a while back. Said he had to go out of state for no record of his shot and went to a very small mom and pop pharmacy.

  23. I'm in same boat and it lasts days for me. I used to eat salad every day. Now a simple salad has me in pain for a week. It really sucks. I'm sorry

  24. Gosh. I feel bad for you. It’s a very depressing disorder to have.

  25. I actually just finished an appointment with my doctor talking about this. I’ve gained 15 lbs because my safe foods are mostly junk food- things like certain types of pasta, bread, cheese, chocolate, etc weirdly enough, don’t trigger symptoms. We’re currently looking for foods that don’t trigger symptoms and help me fit into my clothes better.

  26. Thanks for the reply! It is quite discouraging, as I’m about 15-20 lbs over normal BMI. I do love eating healthy but yes, makes me not want to anymore. Junk food rarely bothers me

  27. Lmao the “my stomach is absolutely fucked” comes up for me a lot too, that IBS life

  28. Mine does too. We like to say “I hope I don’t jack aaaewwuuuffff” lol

  29. Hey I put in an order for these. Show shipped on 7/21, but because they were shipped via “standard post” I have no way to check the tracking info. Any way you’d be able to search from your end?

  30. I can try to check on that for you. DM your name and info and I can try my best but it doesn’t show a lot on our end. Just where the order is placed from (city, state)

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