1. As far as running backs and TEs go, I think we will be in a good spot for next season with what is coming in from the portal and recruiting. As long as we can keep Rattler and Juice and get some more OL transfers, we will be in a good spot next year.

  2. I’m pretty excited about the newberry guy coming. I think we will be alright. What we need are OL.

  3. I actually think moving to a twelve team playoff with help stop the transfers in the future. They will see that there is still a chance to go to all the way if they can stick around with a 8-9 win team.

  4. Lloyd transferring has hurt us a lot. He still hasn’t even picked a place to go yet. I hope that Beamer has told him tough shit if he tries to come back here. He screwed us pretty bad in this one.

  5. What do y’all feel about the supposed lack of NIL funds we are offering compared to other SEC/Regional schools?

  6. It’s a capitalist economy. You are worth what others are willing to pay for your services/product. If players can make millions through NIL, then that’s what’s it’s worth and what they should get paid. It’s a fluctuating sting system that will be revamped year in and year out.

  7. Has anyone considered that maybe the Arkansas coach, Dowell, would just be hired as a Quaterbacks coach? That seems to be part of his job title at many other locations.

  8. “That you can’t play in a championship from the past, but you can play in one in the future. Let’s go get one.”

  9. They need to fire Satterfield Monday before the transfer flood gates open.

  10. Would be great too to see a version with JUST the gamecock.

  11. Can this hold two side by side twin cots? Trying to make a king bed for the whole family to sleep on. I just bought this tent and have the cots coming in the mail to go camping next weekend.

  12. This intro and Game of Thrones’s intro I never once skipped throughout the duration of the shows

  13. Hello, I went to USC for design and then Grad school at SCAD for visual FX and now am a CGI Supervisor in Atlanta. I oversee a team of 5 animators along with many other types of CG artists. First, if you want to make a living as an animator you need to be open to relocating after school to ATL, LA, NY, Montreal, Vancouver, or some other large media centric city.

  14. Thank you for responding. I would like to ask you a couple questions about your experience going to SCAD as a Grad student. How long did it take you to complete Grad school? Do they still make you do a certain number of foundation classes at their institution? What was the cost like? And did you find that the change went smoothly, or were there still some things you wish you had considered before Grad school at SCAD?

  15. You should definitely serve “deviled eggs”! How appropriate!

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