1. If your work is in the same substantive area then of course it’s beneficially. You have X amount of years of quality experience within the UN, which vouches for your substantive knowledge as well as your understanding of how the organization operates.

  2. people love protecting corporate profit, and they loooove seeing people treated poorly. combine the two and you have middle agreed white guy reddit magic

  3. In fairness your cerebral cortex begins to deteriorate aprox 2 years after its "fully developed" you have those 2 years at your peak and after that youre just as undeveloped as you are at 29 as 22. People need to stop with the cortex advice. Its dumb.

  4. Just chiming in to say I am having this exact issue. Really hope there is a solution because it’s the only thing keeping me from 100%ing and getting the platinum trophy

  5. The most Saints thing that could happen is that all of this--by some flukey miracle of circumstance--comes together, with the necessary teams winning and losing.

  6. well done my dude. Mind sharing what your big lift #s are?

  7. I wonder if, like I did, you read it as "switch minecart direction every turn".

  8. Thank you! I had it totally mixed up. I blame holiday indulgence

  9. I lost my stream how did the eagles score? Was it a long drive or a single big play

  10. Your edit is easily explained by the short squeeze that occurred in Jan ‘21. Anybody still holding and hoping for another has missed the boat.

  11. I love just how certain you sound about that. Please keep me in mind when you're inevitably proven wrong.

  12. I’d actively root for him to suck so badly that we tank for a good pick next year lol

  13. Would you rather tank next year for a good pick or win the super bowl with Brady?

  14. Tank. Brady has enough super bowls. I dont need that on my conscience

  15. So you would actively cheer against this team winning a Superbowl next year if he was our QB?

  16. Yeah this year I've paid 1800 because of the inflation or idk, last couple times were about 1000-1200$. And once you get there, everything is cheap, well, depending on your needs. Oh, and the fact that I don't drink alcohol plays a big role in the budget !

  17. Thailand is the best place on earth. Lived there for 2 years and I miss it dearly.

  18. I have never heard of nor experienced any UN consultants requiring a business license. I do not believe this is a thing.

  19. Unreal my dude congrats. What was your diet like during this cut?

  20. Bethesda is a joke to gamers? Creators of some of the most popular and critically acclaimed RPGs of all time? First time I’m hearing about it.

  21. I never run 4 of a kind before. I was definitely planning on one battle cleric is it hard to run four of a kind?

  22. Not at all. Just choose different backgrounds to accommodate the skill checks. Battle clerics are OP on vanilla (Xbox) version.

  23. Ok, this sounds really cool. How do you handle crafting items?

  24. Give someone academic background and pick up Manacalon Rosary

  25. Only we could be capable of taking a 2nd and inches to a 4th and 17

  26. Luckily the LL isn’t a dick. But the point was more for comparison of COL.

  27. I love PEC and would legit be interested in this. Are you a real-estate agent?

  28. Really? Never happened to me, and I've had sessions that have lasted for hours. Either he doesn't find the woman attractive or he has something wrong with him.

  29. For somebody claiming to be a lore master you sure don’t seem to understand the lore

  30. Amazing dude! Can you tell us more about your diet and training regime? Also what is your height + before/after weight?

  31. Prime+1% at TD myself only a year ago. Just got pre-approved for more credit, thankfully didn’t effect my rate!

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