1. main commonality is lack of interpersonal relationships

  2. Putting horrible people together is what caused this mess in the first place. Angry bigots were isolated before the Internet let them find each other.

  3. I need a quant but quirky microlabel that I can use to weed people out of my life..

  4. I’m sorry that no one got your vampire joke

  5. the internet would explode and I'd get to be homophobic for a change, which'd be a welcome change of pace

  6. usually I'm kinda into performative villainy but nah you know that dick weak and well-intentioned

  7. this feels like one of those fossils that catch Creatures frozen mid-fight


  9. well let me know when you've read it, I'd be interested to see a logical, mildly competent interpretation of the text

  10. no no no my vibrations are more morally sound

  11. every single time I hear those crazy-devil-worshipping communist stories - it's like. yeah no, I would totally take those instead of the people inevitably just spreading those stories

  12. It's reeeally fun having to re-explain this stuff every month . .

  13. and to tell them this would be to forsake my bloodline

  14. How the hell do you have 10k karma? Fuck meant 10M sorry

  15. i saw the post was titled "aro anon" and was ready for a fun post about aromanticism cause hell yeah being aro is cool as fuck and then boom. punched in the gut. swiftly. sorry guys guess im a slimy cheating bitch 😔

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