1. So I did some testing with my mic, and it works completely fine with most websites in Brave browser with the shields up. Only the google search by voice shows no internet connection even though I allowed all cookies like you said also I made the shields down for the site

  2. Every generation continues to make faults, but learning from the mistakes improve the future.

  3. Having sex with a vagina is for absolute pussies. You know what a real man does? As a real gangsta myself, I take it in the ass. That's what real Gs do with their bros. I'll tell you something: I may be known as "Top G" in public, but here in my cell in Romania, I'm known as the "Bottom G". That's how we roll. I cannot think of a lower ROI activity than sticking your dick in pussy; it's a complete waste of time and energy. Just think about it for a second. Them hoes have taken literally millions of cock; it just ain't tight enough for me. But drilling a fellow G's ass, now that is a completely different story. Not only are you providing loads of stimulus for your penis, you're actively expanding your network by mingling with like-minded people. It's all part of making it into the top. That is ladies and gentlemen, the secret to escaping the matrix.

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