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  1. Every time you get immunity to something, it happened by complete random chance. Think about that. We have the same antibodies to different diseases, but we independently developed them by random chance!

  2. People from Madison need to chill when comparing madison to major cities. It’s not a major city. Stop comparing the food scene, the arts, diversity, etc.

  3. Everyone who says Madison is becoming bland and homogenized is the latest in a long cycle of people every few years who say Madison is becoming bland and homogenized. I’ve been seeing comments since I first came to Madison in the 90s.

  4. Twenty ppl standing around and no one saw a fucking thing. As retired LEO Det., 95% of homicides in the social-economic challenged areas could be solved by the “community”. 95% of shooting victims knew who shot them and why. I’ve had legit shooting victims sign a waiver of prosecution in the hospital while being treated for their GSW. They know who shot them, (Li’l D) and why, (I owe him 2,000$ for drugs I took on credit). Let them kill themselves. They are all too ready to blame EVERYONE, (Society, the Police) but won’t lift a finger to help anyone out. Facts.

  5. You're technically right. She wasn't arrested for praying per se. She was arrested for praying within vicinity of an abortion clinic. The problem is you're acting like that's the end of the issue. The idea that silent prayer violates a PSPO is horrific.

  6. They banned vigils as well. Which are essentially silent prayer and watch by definition.

  7. My goal is that I take notes off the PowerPoint. Trying to piece together the high yield concepts. Than I watch board and beyond. Finally I do anki that night to quiz me over the concepts. I wake up the next day and do anki again. Than I start the process with a different lectures. This usually takes 4-6 hrs a day.

  8. haha love it when he wipes out his phone.

  9. A buddy of mine is a fighter pilot and said they take pics to send to their intelligence officers.

  10. Non-trads aren't all that. Having a previous career didn't make them superior or give them more discipline - most are late bloomers with persistently shitty study skills and no energy. They whine about "these damn kids" because they can't hang and know their previous life experience is meaningless.

  11. I exercise, take Vitamin D & Zinc supplements regularly, and am unvaxxed for COVID specifically. I have not had more than a cold over the last 3ish years. It's ironic how people who tend to criticize those who do such things are often complaining about how they catch COVID every 2 months or so.

  12. COVID peaked in 2020. This is highlighting data from 2021-2022 post vaccination.

  13. The state shouldn’t be able to claim peoples children. Period. This is a huge overstep.

  14. No, they acted in the interest of the child. It’s not uncommon. Children need to be protected from idiot parents sometimes.

  15. Nah man religion doesn’t have to do with this bullshit, even in Islam a girl or a boy must at least have gone through mental and physical maturity before getting married to make sure he/she is fully aware of what he/she wants to do, but that was probably because in their country they are allowed to do that so the guy used the excuse of religion, getting married is a normal thing in Islam as it is a way to get married within your family without bringing outsiders which may create problems if the married couple hate or make problems with each other, but cousins getting married will most likely be a good marriage.

  16. The German team shouldn't mock Qatar if they can't take the clapback.

  17. I'm an MD attending and a Christian. I found that as I progressed through school and training, just like you experienced, the platitudes that many in my faith community clung to felt trite and... lazy. The fixation with medical miracles ("This can be yours too if only you believe!") makes me feel crawly and gross because I've seen terrible things happen to faithful people. And the political climate within the church has gotten more and more problematic in recent years.

  18. I’ve had a crisis of the faithful. I realized I can’t measure my faith by human deeds. Best way to evaluate my faith is to see the example of its founder, not its followers.

  19. Classic rep tactic: say no to any dem bill. Also classic rep tactic: use this excuse that there was a poison pill. Sure some bills have them, but most don't. 99% of the time the the dems want to get the bill through; why oh why would they try to poison their own bill? Just to say the reps don't care about the american people? That's been clear for the last 6+ years. They don't need bills to do that.

  20. So do you think reps suck more or dems suck more or they are equal suckage?

  21. Honestly depends on what issue we are talking about. Both parties have good, but I would argue mainly bad.

  22. A girl infiltrated the Pro Life club, eventually became president. When it came time for them to present to be recognized as a club/receive funding, she gave a speech in front of all the deans that the club was constantly talking religion and had said some messed up things. The former president of the club started bawling, admin had no sympathy and denied funding- the most legendary own and long con I’ve ever heard of lol

  23. Now imagine the outrage if it was the other way around. People have a right to their beliefs and views.

  24. Don’t break the law and expect to get away with it unless you’re a democrat. Fuck around and go to jail.

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