1. Hey, I'm really proud of you for dealing with it here than by drowning it in booze.

  2. Thanks HumanSuitcase - Wow, that ‘Fuck it’ button was sure flashing away right next to my head yesterday tempting me to press it. Thanks to yours and others help on here I didn’t and I’m now rested, sober and ready to look for a new opportunity 👍.

  3. It's going to do that. You just gotta tell that little shit to pound sand. It's tough, but we're all proud of you, friend.

  4. Idk where you are located but generally, only physicians can write prescriptions.

  5. Got any mecm/sccm experience there were couple of head hunters looking junior engineers dk me if you do … I’ll send them your contact info

  6. A little bit, but it's been a while since I've played with mecm, no **real** sccm experience other than looking at it, and deploying the agent.

  7. If you're open to the idea I would get into contact with a recruiter. I've used them in the past and they have worked out well.

  8. You're an idiot. Conservation efforts by humans, including zoos, are they only reason tigers an elephants and rhinos still exist

  9. I agree that conservation efforts are hugely important and I don't want to begrudge the work they do, however I have to respectfully disagree with you about Zoos. Zoos are more for capitalism than they are for conservation. I think they have some benefit to conservation efforts, i.e. bringing them to people to see the beauty of them and educating people about the animals importance, sparking further interest. However, that zoo is there to make money and attract visitors to the city, first and foremost. That's Capitalism, not conservation.

  10. Agreed. Elephants are really smart. They only have one mate for life. Family is very important. Taking them to be circus freaks is just wrong.

  11. They have friends and they remember and mourn them after they've died.

  12. I recently had an issue kind of like this. I've started a

  13. take both the expired ID and the letter from the gubment.

  14. Yes, by law they have to accept that. To be safe, you can print out copies of that law to carry with you if they try to give you shit about it

  15. I have to admit I was pretty curious so I checked a couple of resources. Looks like they all roughly agree.

  16. First and foremost: Not a psychiatrist, but I've seen the insides of a few offices.

  17. Yep. I've had to break it down into "get out of bed. Put pants on. Pick up phone. Call X"

  18. Here is a checklist to test out. I did one longer than this for my family doc & had 5s on all boxes. I even wrote 6 on the scale of 1-5 😄

  19. Short answer: They see it as a medication that requires significantly more testing and specialized understanding of the brain, the situation, the person, the history, etc, to determine if that's the right tool for the job.

  20. Jeeze that's a tough one, I'm still struggling with it myself. Therapy is my answer. Talk therapy seems ok, but I've recently opted for a Cognative Behavioral Therapy approach in hopes that it helps me "re-wire" my brain through a more 'scientific' observational method.

  21. 4 options that I can see. Ignore her, get diagnosed. You two aren't married and even if you were it wouldn't be any of her business.

  22. i know its a 'joke' amendment, but I still think this is a good idea and she should leave it if it goes to a vote.

  23. In regards to the response time. There have been, something crazy like, 3 "mass shootings" in the last 5 days. Just a guess on my part, they were on alert because of that and it just so happened that it was the right call. Not to discredit the ACTUAL TIMELORD response time that 3 minutes is to an active shooter event. Even disliking cops as much as I do, that's a damn impressive response time.

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