1. In Austria where i'm from, this is borderline criminal. Criminal Law prohibits "Nazionalsozialistische Wiederbetätigung" which basically means "National socialist (Nazi) Revival", so acting in the beliefs and actions of Nazis. Kanye would be behind bars in Austria by now, why not the US?

  2. "Get Putin's cum out your eyes and go read something" That last comment slapped real hard lmao

  3. In Austria it works pretty much the same. Only in criminal cases will theVerdict be "guilty/not guilty". In civil cases, the verdict usually lies in granting/not granting someones complaints and/or applications for legal actions against the defendant.

  4. This Subreddit makes me wanna jump off a bridge sometimes:) How can people be THIS lost!? THIS confident in something so outrageously wrong and easy to disprove. Like where did that stupidity in people start? Where did they start to DISREGARD AACTUAL FACTUAL HISTORICAL EVENTS?? How can one possibly assume Hitler was a black man ridding the world of "fake" Jews to profit the US?? Pain

  5. I will never understand people who, instead of looking up something for 10 seconds, instantly blurt out their lack of knowledge as universal fact

  6. Guy's definitely enrolled in Andrew Tate's Classes smh...

  7. Im 20 now and dont expect GTA7 to come out before i'm 35 tbh

  8. You dont think his efforts around Tesla and SpaceX have had at least SOME positive Effect on Sustainability/Space Exploration?

  9. I was lucky enough to have found one in the wild in Austria. It's in my Top 5 Commemorative Euro Coins for sure!

  10. Almost guarantee that this is a "banned books" section and it's starting why it was banned. Not that they agree with it. The book was banned in the US for this reason, and in communist countries for the opposite reason

  11. Wait there is a "banned books" Section in US Libraries and Book Stores? In Austria we just have all books segmented into their respective Genre, 1984 just as much as American Psycho and others

  12. But can you buy them? If so then whats the point of "banned" Books? And if you cant buy them then why display them?:) Sorry for all the questions i'm just curious:)

  13. As an Austrian i am shocked and saddened that our notoriously grumpy population doesnt even manage to get Top 5 on this List:'(

  14. terrible fake of a denarius of septimius severus with 2 parthian captives on the reverse

  15. Dang so this is a knock-off? Bummer, I thought I might have accidentally found something cool. Anyways thank you very much!

  16. I found the 2009 edition on a Dutch site. I seems to be "orderable".

  17. That’s awesome, thank you so much! Yeah it does seem to be fine, even has a Trustpilot Rating on it and everything:)

  18. No problem! I had the same issue with the numis albums from Leuchttrum. My OCD hurts because I had to buy the german and french/english versions to collect them all

  19. Ah damn I can imagine that that’s just enough of an inconvenience to be really annoying xD

  20. Not too long ago I opened my very first coin roll and instantly got a 2005 J German 2€ Coin. Montage appears to be sub 500k. I was extremely lucky but it shows that you can honestly get almost any coin from these rolls….if you’re lucky enough and go to the right bank xD

  21. Was fĂĽr ein Zufall haha, ich bin auch aus Ă–sterreich (Wien) und ĂĽberlege schon seit einiger Zeit, auch Coin Hunts zu posten:) Respekt an dich fĂĽr den ersten Schritt, ich habe ein kleines Video schon gefilmt aber Trau mich noch nicht ganz drĂĽber, es zu posten xD Alles Gute fĂĽr die Zukunft!

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