1. I have sharp eyes and use 150% scaling on a 27" 4k monitor. At 16 inches your scaling should be much higher than 150%.

  2. It should be automatic but it's very little effort to change the percentage. I think a 1080p equivalent is 400% scaling on a 4k display.

  3. Man I love the 380. I owned a few. The stock clocks are way low.

  4. I came from a Galaxy S10. My Pixel experience has been really odd.

  5. Thanks, I’ve really been loving Suor Clerici, and Pasqualina wasn’t too bad after I got past the first few leveled

  6. Thank you so much! If you have any functional suggestion (maybe about airflow…) feel free to tell me :)

  7. Vancouver desperately requires rent controls or a fundamental review of the industry. At a minimum the resources to look at historical costs of the address and a median per square foot price in the locality should be available. Unbridled greed is why we are where we are.

  8. Disabling the Pixel Stand app seemed to do the trick for me. (I do not use a Pixel Stand). Setting -> Apps -> Pixel Stand, then Force Stop and then Disable.

  9. Thanks very much. I received my P7P yesterday and wirelessly charged it before I turned it on for the first time. Today, I noticed it getting hung up at 80% on the wireless charger. Examining it more carefully I see that it was cycling between charging and not charging. Disabling Pixel Stand appears to have solved that problem. I'm a bit floored bugs like this exist. Thanks for the suggestion.

  10. Good deal but I'm apprehensive about buying an OEM like Dell. Often not high-quality components and I'd be worried about non-standard BS in case parts need to be replaced. Both are assumptions about this unit.

  11. 12000kbps will be 10.8gb over two hours but doesn't even consider audio. Maybe 10,000kbps with 2 channel AAC audio will hit 10gb on the dot.

  12. Ok so you're using GB I used GiB small difference and ok ye I forgot audio but it was just a rough estimate

  13. You don't have an AGP port tonokig in your AGP Riva 128.

  14. I already tried both of those things with no success

  15. Sounds like a hardware defect if you've tried changing CMOS battery.

  16. Injury lawyer here. This is a good question to raise with your lawyer before the discovery.

  17. I have a similar setup but with a much older CPU J5005 which transcodes 4K HEVC 10bits.

  18. The old 7th Gen core Intel CPUs, like the old 7700k, support 4k60 HEVC 10 bit QSV transcoding.

  19. You'll do well on settings with good fidelity for five years.

  20. Costs are especially high right now. Don't lose hope based on today's numbers.

  21. Would love to see some benchmark results. I remember running one of these back in the day, but have no recollection on what kind of clocks I had it set to.

  22. Runs around 10 percent faster than a 1050ti. The overclocking headroom on the 380 is a lot.

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