1. The total problem with Indians can't take a joke If you think I am disrespectful towards Indian languages and culture , I am sorry But no I won't remove it

  2. I want you try something on the religion of peace and post it in their sub if you have the balls. You can then tell them you were not disrespectful towards them.

  3. And if you don't like just report it and downvote it or get me banned I seriously don't care But I am entitled to my opinion and I find it funny not offensive and I will stand by it I make jokes on peaceful religion and I make jokes about our religion It never meant that I disliked our culture I am a ram bakt and I don't have any problem in standing by what I say or do

  4. Not a LV fans But they have been making watches fully in house(not buying the movement) So I think they are trying to become a serious watch brand also

  5. Mate would take down this picture, I could clearly see your OnePlus 's IMEI no. Its is security blunder

  6. I have 38 followers on Reddit, 57 on Twitter, and 73 outside my home

  7. I wont like this , it has 69 likes already and I request all to not change it ITS THE HOLY NUMBER

  8. Geography ki mother ka sister kar diya hai aur tu supremacy kar raha hai

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