1. Use Royale hog ๐Ÿ’€ they'll never fireball you again and will just save it for them.

  2. i tought angry barbarians was ebarbs till there also was ragebarbarian on the list so idk

  3. Yes. The third reflection of anything just mysteriously disappears.

  4. Ahh yes? You can put Miner anywhere in the map, best place is obviously the opponent's tower where you'll get guaranteed damage.

  5. Albaik is kinda overrated tbh

  6. Yae I remember seeing it in OJ's YouTube video but honestly I forgot what it was. Basically two similar emotes, like the wizard that light fire and turns it off.

  7. It's just a free emote with two different variants. You get one randomly

  8. It happened to me. Restarting the game seems to fix it for me.

  9. Just go slowly and level your cards. You'll eventually brute force the barrier to 5000 with high level cards. Otherwise you'll need to manage your elixir and perhaps making a deck with faster cycle (please don't do Mega Knight and Pekka in the same deck)

  10. I don't us sounds at all. Usually I listen to music while playing. The one exception is clan war, sounds help me react faster and I don't need to be too focused on the screen when sound is enabled.

  11. Yes. You probably have an email telling you to come back and get it too.

  12. Heist is fun. I just wish they'd give us extra gold for it because, you know, it's a heist.

  13. You're at league 9 with this? And here I am just reaching league 6 ๐Ÿ’€

  14. It still doesn't change the fact you gotta wait, and I know it only takes a minute, but still there are those annoying players who drag it on for so long just taunting you to play again, and it all adds up with each player that does it and gets kind of sickening lol. A singular princess on tower is a good example

  15. Dude it's not that we are taunting you. Some decks can't finish a tower quickly, I play Miner Mortar and it takes forever to finish the tower when my opponent gives up.

  16. Than why i can't collect more than 10 tokens of common rare and legendary ๐Ÿค”

  17. You can. Just request using your 10th token and collect the other token and cancel your request.

  18. Distract it with spirits and skeletons, if it's in the middle use flying or ranged troops to snipe it. You could also use a building in front of it to attack and distract at the same time.

  19. You can because you didn't actually enter the next arena. It's best to play party modes if you're not confidant in staying above 5K.

  20. At arena 15 its more about levels than cards. Just find a deck you like and upgrade it.

  21. I agree with you to an extent but I think that would make other problems. It's probably better to have some randomness to it.

  22. That's why it's called midladder and why we hate midladder.

  23. When are you going to nerf lightning?! The card is too op. The range is huge,the whole one side of the map is covered in its range and on top of that it targets 3 targets and deals insane amount of damage , being able to one shot archer queen and some whole building is just too op. It can stop the whole defense of 10+ elixir....

  24. You're the first person I've seen complain about lightning.

  25. Midladder is all about momentum and building a bigger push. Witch, with the infinite skeleton spawn is perfect for that. Midladder players also tend to use splash units so Witch is very attractive for them.

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