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  1. I'll sell him a 2070super and a ryzen 7 3700x right now but they are used

  2. It's worth it for me because my co workers and managers are awesome.

  3. Hopefully soon! These long lines are torturous for patients. The number of people I’ve seen hop out of line to violently vomit after treatments is so sad. It should be more speedy and efficient for patients 💙 even these pick up orders take 30 minutes of lobby waiting

  4. Oh that is what gets me so angry, I've been in lines where I almost passed out because the heat was so brutal and there was no shade and lines were super long. Suffer for your medicine I guess 😪

  5. Jesus. You have to stand outside to wait on your orders? Where is this?

  6. Sunnyside Cincinnati is a great example of it. Go to verilife or zen leaf and you actually get to wait inside. Weird considering Sunnyside is the #1 dispo in ohio they could definitely do better but actively choose to ignore the issues.

  7. It says coming soon but on the website there is a way to sign up.

  8. I found this recently and I'm for it, if we want better treatment then the workers gotta have good treatment as well !

  9. I got it on sale and it was very pleasant and knocked me out.

  10. Rocky mountain high John Denver

  11. Because that bad boy almost shat himself

  12. Grape head is my favorite sativa in the program good grab for sure !

  13. This is one of my favorite strains lately, and I like their price!

  14. Yeah supply has been pushing out some quality products for there price, I would definitely recommend there pineapple and bio jesus as well.

  15. are you kidding? this is garbage look how many leaves and the terps are non existent

  16. If this is garbage then you've never actually had bad weed, this shit blows the shit my dealer got from Michigan out the water, not a single seed in the batch and flavor and smell are fine.

  17. I took vto for 3 weeks straight and they emailed me asking if I was coming back and I said yes. (Had the flu and it was horrible)

  18. If you want some really good yielding strains look into bullseye garden Unicorn cake always yields 25%+ for me.

  19. Been waiting on a fresh batch from Farkas. Wonka Bars and rainbow chip yield in the 25% range. I would also like to try problem child. I’ll try the unicorn cake next if my dispo ever gets it.

  20. Oh no people won't get there 1 day delivery, not like we're in a horrible pandemic and people are getting sick left and right.

  21. I remember this dream then I lost my virginity, now I don't dream...

  22. That suck if it's true they roll some if not all buds in kief. I will definitely be keeping my eyes out for this. To me it's kind of shady to do that.

  23. I usually press my stuff and the wedding cake I bought came out looking like hash rosin.

  24. That is so weird and odd, I wonder why 🤔. I have not run into this issue myself.

  25. You sneeze and it's game over lol

  26. Man he's about to get that ass chewed out

  27. Yes I just had that happen to me all you gotta do is email or talk to HR and explain the situation and then tell them what manager gave you the VTO.

  28. Yeah 26% is the best I’ve got. Most strains are closer to 20% IME. I use 90 or 120 micron bags, 200F, 2 tons of pressure buildup slowly over about a minute, and then full pressure for about 2 minutes. Admittedly I haven’t tested any other settings because that seemed to work well the first time, and was what the manufacturer recommended.

  29. I would honestly suggest lowering the temp down to like 180f then at full pressure up it to 190f. I usually up it to 200f on my second press if I think it's needed.

  30. They didn't give me the upt or the money so I wouldn't count on it... but it wouldn't hurt to ask HR or ERC and see what they say.

  31. I'm taking one bolt off the toilet seat so every time they sit down the seat will shift around making it a very uncomfortable shit.

  32. Let it cure so the terps have time to really mature and the humidity is important you don't want a lot of moisture.

  33. Hm. Not sure...I’m new to this game, I squished at 190 degrees, was that too high?

  34. Either your flower wasn't very fresh or at the right humidity or your pressing to hot. Personally I would try to press at 180 for 1 minutes then up the temp to 185 for another minute.

  35. OK! Thank you for the suggestions! I’ll give it a shot. But do you think I already decarbed the rosin I pressed in the picture?

  36. No I would say that you should probably decarb it especially if you are trying to make some edibles. Also if you aren't using micron bags then that's definitely something you want to get. I use 90u to 180u for flower.

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