1. Some of those are actually pretty nice.

  2. I'm confused. KDE Neon is an actual full fledged distro? I thought it was a version of KDE DE. Is this a Debian/Ubuntu based distro with the KDE DE?

  3. Do note that it's mainly meant for KDE developers and beta testers.

  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Garuda is a Debian (or Ubuntu) based distro that comes default with KDE, right? I've been looking for one of these. I've tried Solus and that's decent, but I'm always looking for other options.

  5. I've had grub on my Linux Mint HTPC devour itself on a few occasions for no reason whatsoever and I've had to boot a live USB and repair grub. No idea why it happens and it hasn't happened in a while, but it's annoying when it does.

  6. assault android cactus is also an indie twin stick but it has levels and horde mode instead. It’s no exaggeration one of the best games I’ve ever played because it’s designed so intelligently so that even by your 2000th hour, you likely haven’t beaten everything and the game is still as intense as when you first started.

  7. I might be down to clown. Moving shortly though and won't have internet until I can get it set up.

  8. Me too. That’s what kept me going during the massively difficult boss encounters. Not having to needlessly backtrack was essential element of enjoying the game. It’s not like this was a Lego game that was super easy. This game was very hard at times especially if you weren’t using the right boosts, weapons etc for the boss. Not having a huge penalty for dying and keeping hard won experience points is what made me stick with it and not give up.

  9. The only part where I had to do a lot of backtracking because I kept dying was in Root Access when you have to fight through literal hordes of ferals only to die at the turrets and then start again at the elevator to once again fight through those same hordes of ferals. Other than that, it was all good. I'm glad I didn't have to grind too much to level because I didn't lose any XP when I died.

  10. It was behaviour like that from delivery companies that motivated me to get a doorbell camera with motion detector. It is also hard for me to move around in the normal world and I'm almost always home to begin with but explicitly make sure to be home when there are deliveries coming. I bought a replacement phone this year. Parcel was to be shipped to my door and required signature to deliver. Perfectly normal and reasonable. It's Friday before a 4 day weekend and my doorbell rings cool! Phone is here! No, what was at my door was an amazon package and taped to my window was a "you weren't home notice" from the company delivering my phone. I'm annoyed at this but I think maybe they just knocked and I didn't hear it because unless you are right beside the door you cannot hear knocking because of the house design. I pull up the camera feed. There's the driver bold as brass writing up the missed you note as he walks up to the door, sticks it on the window, gets back in his van, and leaves. I'm pissed and then I read the notice and I reach apocalypse levels of rage.

  11. I've come to the conclusion, especially after multiple run-ins with Intelcom, that delivery drivers are often maliciously lazy and stupid.

  12. That's interesting because here intelcom is one of the better ones. I have not had to have anything signed with them but they always email a picture of delivery and they are the only ones that ring the doorbell every time on a package drop and run.

  13. They consistently try to deliver anything I order from Amazon at work after hours when we're closed and nobody's around. I've had them deliver shit to the wrong address twice. They've lost things at least twice. They are the most incompetent imbeciles I've ever dealt with. Without fail, I have to call them and bitch every time I order anything from Amazon. I even put the operating hours right in the address so they can't miss it. I just got an email tonight at like 7:39 PM saying my package is on the way. The place has been closed since 5:00. They've already attempted to deliver this same package three times.

  14. File extensions aren't necessary for the computer. They help humans know what files are for what programs.

  15. I went to a tourist attraction and while queueing I saw someone with a printed out 40% off voucher. I pulled up the website it was from and had the voucher showing on my phone when I got to the counter but they wouldn't accept that it "must be printed".

  16. That actually makes sense though. Often for things like that, they need to have the printed coupon there for record keeping purposes. At the end of the day when they're tallying up sales and so on, those coupons stand in place of actual money and make things at lot easier.

  17. Where do you get that there will be a trial? We're currently waiting for summary judgment. There's unlikely to be a trial unless Ripple loses summary judgment and there's a trial about fair notice.

  18. Imagine if ripple did not have a CEO and it wasn’t pre-mined.

  19. What are you even talking about? Ripple is a company and can't be pre-mined because it's not a coin. XRP does not have a CEO. How are people still confusing XRP and Ripple?

  20. Good point but this should be enough for sec to hold Ripple back. Which is pretty much what they’ve been doing for 2 years.

  21. Nah. As he said, ruling is law while the appeal proceeds. If I have been interpreting related news correctly, US banks and financial institutions have basically been chomping at the bit to get on board with Ripple and ODL, as companies all over the world are already doing. Nobody outside the US gives a shit about this case. If Ripple wins summary judgment, the leash is off.

  22. Could anytime after 1/9/23. Settlement is on table if the SEC wants to gamble whether or not judge uses them in her decision. If she does, then they become public. If not, they stay locked up. I've also read something about 12/5 being an important date as well. There needs to be a court order for Ripple to release them to public...I'm so tired of this fraudulent case being levied against Ripple.

  23. "Them" being the Hinman emails, in case anyone is wondering.

  24. It's an airdrop done by Canaryx to sgb holders. It's worth about 10sgb last I check. You could trade it for sgb or other tokens listed on dex. Good luck

  25. Where can I swap it? The only tokens I seem to be able to do anything with on the

  26. Tell the Cinnamon devs that. Seriously.

  27. Well, thanks for a couple more options for possibly staking my SGB that seem less janky than FLR Finance's shitty site. But I still can't do anything with my Canary tokens on either of those sites.

  28. The Flare Network is a layer one network that allows anybody to develop and deploy smart contracts on top of it. FLR Finance is one example a defi suite deployed on top of the Flare Network via these smart contracts.

  29. So Canary is not related to FLRFinance at all and is a completely separate thing. Okay. From what I can see on that Twitter page, I have to wait for their Canary Alpha DAO to be launched to do anything with the tokens, which my or may not be supported by Bifrost wallet? Does anyone know when this might be happening?

  30. GPU passthrough works fine on an LXC (and is slightly less fiddly than on a VM).

  31. Maybe it's just me, but I found passing my GTX 1070 through to my Debian VM for Jellyfin to be easy-peasy. Went far smoother than I expected it to, honestly.

  32. Me too. We should play some time

  33. Sure. I haven't played in a few days and I'm still doing the Dark Playground stuff.

  34. I’m sure you beat this already, but there is a tunnel with a sepperate turret and some heav robots behind it. The mortar shells that fall in the hallway between those two junctions blocks the mortar fire. You can focus Gerald. I recommend io/aug and lock in. I use the Gatling gun almost exclusively. Anyways good luck. What platform are you on?

  35. You're right, I actually just finished it. I don't think I noticed that separate tunnel. I used the Life Transfer and Spiderbots augs with the turret tactical and the Beseiger. Saved my ass. I'm actually done the main quest now and just made it to the Dark Playground.

  36. There is one person in my life who I really wish would have spelled my name correctly: the person who typed up my birth certificate. Not even an issue with a special character, just a typo. Someday I'll get it fixed but currently half the government thinks my name is one thing and half think it's another based on how closely they looked at my paperwork when they first saw me.

  37. I have exactly the same issue. Very common name. Dad misspelled it on my birth certificate. Now everyone's confused.

  38. Open source EVs would kick ass.

  39. How is it less efficient to transfer 1 million xrp given that it is a digital currency ?

  40. Well, for one, it obviously requires fewer XRP, allowing more XRP to be used for other simultaneous transfers. I'm sure people who know more about the details can give better answers.

  41. I’m a total ignoramus but it seems paradoxical to have a token worth $1 million for the purpose of increasing supply. For it to be worth a lot, wouldn’t it have to be scarce? It doesn’t seem efficient at all to have an expensive token. I’d be interested to see if anyone has ever modelled this.

  42. For starters, every transaction burns some small amount of XRP. The fees are not paid to anyone. They don't get spent by someone else. Every time XRP is spent on something, the fees are burned, reducing the total amount of XRP. It's a deflationary currency.

  43. Congratulations. Now you're completely free of Windows.

  44. Brad apparently later clarified to say that he meant when the case ends, not when it settles. He didn't mean to imply that it would definitely be settling.

  45. This seems absolutely fascinating and a total time saver. I'm going to have to try this.

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