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  1. Some good advice here already, but one thing I always do when struggling to take a trick down something is practice the trick more and ollieing the set. Id focus on getting your tres a little cleaner and more comfortable. Looks like you were close to rolling your ankle a couple times, it will probably happen if you dont work on them. You got this and you better post a follow up when you get it!

  2. FIX URSELF! is my fav off EP2! But honestly I love every track on it, prefer it over 1.

  3. FIX URSELF! is my fave Peggy song in general but I understand the love for FEED HER! or most other songs really

  4. I mean we are all here cause we love his music in general. Anyone could make a post about any song and it would get love, he's one of the best in the game and you cant really disregard any track he puts out

  5. All things considered you gotta nice dick bro..

  6. I dont see why people are buggin about this review, TM is not very good. You mean to tell me its close to as good as any other album from them? Its B-sides and clearly low effort compared to every other album. A 4 was appropriate with only a couple decent tracks that will ultimately be looked over in the grand scheme of their discography. TF I enjoyed more than him but still saying its up their with others isnt very fair considering only 20 minutes is great and the rest is alright. Hes given every other project from them at least an 8 and yall wanna act like either of them are close to as good. TF is maybe a 7 but still saying that is kinda disrespectful to the other albums scores then.

  7. okay so each time i saw them was amazing and i always had fun and thought they had a lot of energy, i don’t really notice it during the show, but when i go back and watch videos from the first times i saw them you could definitely tell they were way hungrier back then and it looked like they loved it more than they do now

  8. Yea i was lucky enough to see them Jan, 2018 after Sat 3 dropped, before the ameer situation. Im sure they killed it at shows following but feel like i saw them at the perfect sweet spot.

  9. always loved every bh era but nothing could ever compare to late 2017/ early 2018

  10. What was your favorite show/experience through all the years?

  11. I actually like it lol, kinda sounds like primus if they were folk punk. I could honestly see it getting some praise at folk punk.

  12. Over under on the number of days for the person that said “I’m not leaving unless they pull me.”

  13. I’m glad he appreciates Wildlife by La Dispute so much. Such an incredible album

  14. Nah the EP2 disrespect on this subreddit is crazy

  15. I like this a lot but my lip always splits right down the center a couple times out of the year..

  16. Gonna say I think he deserves a lot of the flack, obviously he's great and deserves everything from making this series. BUT, master of character development?? Thats literally my biggest gripe with him, no other characters really have much development at all besides Vegeta. How many characters are ruined, fade off, or have basically the same back story as another. Its centered around Goku 90% of the time and how much different is he from the beginning?

  17. I made punpkin seeds, dog treats, and soap out of mine this year. All pretty simple and i just looked up how to so it.

  18. My man treating it like stand up set,. For real though his shows seem fun and wish people would be this laid back in between songs more often.

  19. 1, 2, and 4 are top teir. 3 and 5 have ups and downs.

  20. I thought for a second that samus had a penis, but was met with disappointment

  21. Good game. Would’ve liked a win obviously, and I think we do if Poku doesn’t go full YOLO at the end of the game. He shouldn’t be in a closing lineup. Fuck.

  22. Every time he had the ball i prayed he didnt shoot, he did every time.

  23. She thought the guy pulled her hair but it was the other woman who did

  24. Exactly what I came to say, she slapped him cause she thought he pulled her around by her hair.

  25. Dont know if it was a sample issue or not but the track listing being different on his vinyl seems to be a consistent thing

  26. Crazy seeing Sierra Ferrell on here, used to hang out with her back home. Let her stay with me for a little bit during tough times, glad shes getting more exposure.

  27. Jean Dawson at the veeery bottom.. wonder how people are gonna react to him, but I'm sure he's pumped to be on the bill.

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