1. I guess there are more alternative options in EU so Tesla can't afford treating their customers like dirt.

  2. Better laws to make sure the big corporations are not bending over the customers.

  3. You may be better if with a $6000 enhanced autopilot. $15000 for “full” self driving is a stretch in my opinion. I had it on my first Y a year ago for 10K so not think it’s worth it at all.

  4. The FSD experience hasn't improved since last year? I'm at the $10k rate, but I'd prefer it wasn't on my invoice

  5. Not to the extent, I would pay 15K for it. Would rather get 6k enhanced autopilot

  6. Lol we can’t even control the rampant misinformation regarding simple to understand facts, there’s no way the general public is intelligent enough to understand this

  7. Seems half the country’s intelligence or the lack of came to a very bright light during the tramp presidency.

  8. I’m not sure if that was a typo or done on purpose, but either way it’s still funny

  9. On purpose. Can’t stand that waste of air and space. Ruined our great country and brought all the worst parts of USA forward.

  10. Won’t get too far towing. Range drops more than half

  11. Great step forward, but there is more they need to figure out.

  12. 🤞🏻 somebody does something about it.

  13. I’m confused. I didn’t think there was camera coverage around the front bumper - how can this be better?

  14. Tesla is making this stuff up as they build, just cutting 2 pennies from production so they get better margins while they bend us all over who still wants these cars. Got a Y, that had a broken main computer straight from the factory. Tesla is GARBAGE build, shove to the next idiot and move on collect revenue, oh yeah and set up an appointment to fix all the issues that a factory morons couldn't. WELCOME TO SHIT QC, YEP THAT'S TESLA! Down vote me all you want you tesla sheep! I tell the truth, not gonna fan boy this garbage quality

  15. You'll never prove your point to an irrational, uneducated person. Half of US appreciates you trying :)

  16. In a pandemic of this magnitude there is no perfect way to navigate it. That said, I completely agree with what you are saying, politics UNFORTUNATELY played a bigger role here than they should have (how lucky were we with a stupid TV actor as president during covid beginning).

  17. Please forgive this copy/paste. My problem was 30 grams of fiber per day, when I had much of your experience.

  18. I am no expert. But that does not look like a 6 gage wire going into be charger.

  19. He couldnt do anything in the playoffs. Too tired perhaps??

  20. The best Turkey Tail you can get for your dog's health (and ours) is the Turkey Tail PSP-50 from Oriveda. Multiple vets reccomend it and MANY people go this route for their dogs. Hope this helps.

  21. For Oriveda Turkey Tail PSP-50 and dogs... 100mg per kg of body weight 2x a day (morning/night). This is the general guideline and some might tweak it a little.

  22. Interesting. How about some people saying it causes depression because of its long half life ? How often should you take it to get benefits and not get choline depression ?

  23. I also take magnesium for the muscles and the relaxing effects it has. Can recommend, especially if you also drink (a lot) of coffee (cafeïne)

  24. What’s the Mag dosage recommended. I drink a LOT of coffee. Espresso drinks usually

  25. Why do Republicans insist on cheating the system??

  26. You mean lower the taxes every chance they get for the rich and fuck the rest of the middle class???!!?? Cause they only care about the rich constituents. The rest of the dumb fucks who vote for them are exactly that, DUMB and can’t see whats happening in this country since the evils of Tramp presidency. We are a joke of a democracy at this point. PLEASE vote and hold the people with brains in office get rid of the rest !

  27. What battery app is being used for the graphs op posted?

  28. Wow. The charger wiring is very straightforward if install instructions are followed and dangerous if not. Was it a Mobile Connector or Wall Connector? Did you find out what was done wrong?

  29. The electrician used a thick wire to the garage and then put a metal box out of which a much thinner wire went into 14-50 plug. I used a mobile charger to plug in. So the assumption is that the thin wire wasn’t suppose to be used at all.

  30. Unbelievable! Hope he lost his license for that and you were fully covered. Needs to be 6 gauge all the way and an $80 industrial grade NEMA 14-50 like a Hubbell (not a Home Depot $10 clothes dryer outlet). A thinner wire would heat up like a toaster. Hope they re-inspect all of his past work too.

  31. He is getting sued by my home insurance and car insurance and possibly Tesla. The main thing is we are all alive. The rest is a long pain staking process of working with insurance and general contractors. Thanks for your thoughts.

  32. Is Tilray the one to capitalize on this the most?

  33. Most yes. VFF has EU GMP cert at one of their Canadian facilities/greenhouses (maybe all of them, I forget, definitely one of the Delta ones though), and can export to the Netherlands now/soon (or grow there, forget if import will be allowed) to take part in their (further) liberalization of adult use cannabis, trying to regulate the producers because the growers were ALWAYS the ones in the biggest grey area, closest to illicit actions, before/currently, and I do believe most of the selected new legal growers in Netherlands are growers from that country, but VFF got in somehow, maybe a 50/50 JV, maybe they need to build out grow space, but still, gets them on the continent and on Germany's border... Maybe / hopefully once Germany legalizes, Netherlands figures to go the full way, and they allow trade between the two nations, then VFF products would be on German adult use shelves.

  34. You bring up good points here. Thank you for adding to the discussion.

  35. It will be in weeks when they get back to you. As long as you go to your account and tell them you are ready for delivery. Otherwise if you don’t let them know by due date they will cancel your order

  36. Been using 3M Scotchgard Pro for the longest time, used the same in 2 of my older cars.

  37. Thank you for replying. Have never done it myself will try it out once I get my delivery on 31st. My first Y collected sooo many bugs on the front bumper it was pretty hard to wash it all off.

  38. Happened to me with my GL450 a few years ago. PPF saved me from paint damage. I just peeled off my DIY PPF and replaced it. Just $200.

  39. Not exactly an Iranian commercial if they want the west to ease up the already massive sanctions crippling their economy.

  40. Two very dumb leaders joining forces, both feel like they will be ousted soon. Based on the civilian unrest. They have no choice but to join forces. Both will be destroyed by good ol American and NATO weapons. Slava Ukraine!!!

  41. Australia: Thanks Elan Musk! We will take it from here.

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