1. The PS4 is without fail is a 1080p 30fps machine with a very open source friendly software architecture. Pretty much any game you think of will look good and run smooth given you keep your expectations tempered to 30fps. RDR2 looks amazing on PS4, the same with God of War, The Witcher 3. Even more modern games like GOWR and HFW. The games just look good run good on vanilla ps4. Hogwarts Legacy was basically built for PS4/XB1 and are being upscalled for current gen. They will look great on Vanilla PS4. Although, don't let this let you think all coming titles will remain that way. Games going forward won't be optimized for the the bottom and scaled to the top. Good looking good running ps4 games are just about done. But Hogwarts Legacy will be one of the very last good ones.

  2. James Craig was right for the role. I would go for Antony Star. He has a pretenses about him that is appropriate

  3. It's just a really really old gun. You have to be careful with the ammo you use in it because it was made before hollow point ammunition existed. The 2 part feeding ramp is simply obsolete. It's a single stack which not only lowers the capacity of the gun but it is also a design more likely to jam. The gun functions on multiple manual safeties. If you don't train with the gun constantly and develop that muscle memory you are likely to forget to swipe down the thumb safety when someone is attacking you, and that's only assumeing you know the only correct way to carry a 1911 is condition 1 (cocked and locked), most people don't. Same goes for if you are frantically pulling out the gun with a poor grip. The gun won't go bang without the grip safety engaged either. It's heavy, take a 2 1/2 pound lifting plate, stick it down your pants and walk around with it all day. Not comfortable, and a will really take its tole on your back and various joints. Same issue with a 1911. It requires more maintenance to stay reliable, even if it goes a long period of sitting in a gun safe without use it is wise to field strip it before using it, (metal on metal actions must shoot lubed). Lack of quality control, you really shouldn't trust your life to cheap 1911. Again I reiterate the price, you should be spending at least a grand and that is only entry level to the tier of 1911s you should consider reliable enough to use for self defense. Cheap 1911s made by manufacturers like Taurus, Kimber, Rock Island, and the like will get you killed. It's a tight pack. The magazine springs wear more quickly than modern patent dual spring designs. A weak spring will definitely make a 1911 jam. Negated ballistic advantages. In the past the .45 acp and .38 super, which were the rounds most 1911s were chambered for during the guns heyday, were typically more effective rounds but, modern ballistics have negated that advantage. A modern hollowpoint 9mm is just as effective if not more effective at incapacitating an assailant than the aforementioned obsolete ammunition. Mechanical disadvantage. The barrel sits high on the gun axcess with about a half an inch between the grip and barrel. Modern pistols have closed that gap. Making modern guns far more easy to handle recoil with, it's simply better to have the barrel closer to the wrist. Like I said before, the 1911 is just a really old gun. From every logical prospective its obsolete.

  4. No, Laser Disc was the premier way to watch movies at home for nearly 20 years. Technological innovation moved much slower in the analog age. Things did not become obsolete anywhere near as fast as they do today. Laser Disc players, Especially the Pioneer players that could play both sides of a disc without you having to manualy flip the disc half way threw a movie, were prohibitively expensive. Laser disc players sold anywhere between 500 to 2500 dollars depending on many factors of features. Before the integrated circuit really got figured out tech was large, bulk, and very inefficient. Laser Discs never took on the role of being a mainstream device. Growing up in the late 80s and 90s I only knew 2 people whos parents actually owned one. And they were both kids from wealthy homes. The V.C.R. was much cheaper but it was also half the resolution. I would say from 1979 to 1997 if you had a Laser Disc player you were the envy of the neighborhood. My parents used to go over to another couples house in my neighborhood because they hosted laser disc parties where they would grill out, shoot the shit, and watch movies on their home theater which had a laser disc player. But to answer the question, no. Laser Discs were not old fashioned in 1998. It would have been normal for Tony to have one. The D.V.D. was better. But it would be a few more years before they dropped in price and became mainstream.

  5. It was open world for the technology of its day. The different areas of the game had to be isolated for the sake of loading and unloading assets. Basically it was open world for its time.

  6. Dude. He can't move or throw like he used to. He's making BAD throws. He dosent step into hits to try and make throws anymore. He used to that in Atlanta. He's getting flushed from the pocket when he has time to throw. I've watched his entire career and trust me. He needs to retire. He can't play like he used to.

  7. If you want a women to be focused on you instead of another dick, you gotta be an asshole. For some reason I'll never understand it just works.

  8. I think y'all need longer hair and blunt bangs. Or wigs, more makeup. But I'd bang either one of you.

  9. You can't be nice to people anymore. They'll sue you , attack you, try to steal from you, or report you to the police claiming you're not well. You'll end up in a looney bin 😆

  10. If you have a gaming P.C. half decent my advice is to play on P.C. via emulation, you can set up the game to play on whatever version of it you want. Your next best option is to get a physical copy of the original print of the game and play it natively on an Xbox 360 you permanently keep disconnected from the internet. This issue is not unique to RDN. The 7th gen of consoles was a weird time in gaming. Sony and Microsoft were experimenting with new technology and software most of which was abandoned shortly after it's development. Most games from this period of time are proprietorially tied to those technical dead ends. It's why so many games from the 7th gen can't be remastered or ported to modern hardware. The source code of these games just don't jive well with modern c.p.u.'s and g.p.u.'s, sometimes they straight up don't work at all. Xbox providing backwards compatibility via emulation is great but this is a short coming of having to rely on such a thing. The last patch of the game you want to play is bugged. So the game is broke. So few people play the game now Rockstar doesn't see it worth the time or money to fix it. To make matters worse it's illegal for Microsoft to allow you to play the version of game you want to play even if you own it. This is why I hate D.R.M.. It forces you to do things which are inconvenient.

  11. I just watched the movie today. The animation looks like dog shit. It's like they thought it was OK for the movie to look like the video games. Bad mistake. If this is the future of Dragon ball I don't think I can move forward with it. I don't think I am alone in that. And I don't think young people enjoy ultra violent entertainment the same way Gen X and Y did.

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