1. "Technical Analysis Tutorial" by This tutorial covers a wide range of topics in technical analysis, including chart types, trend analysis, support and resistance, and popular indicators like Moving Averages and the Relative Strength Index (RSI).

  2. This is kinda sad but we are all aware that we have our own big responsibilities in our life now, we have to deal with the real world.

  3. It's really kind of risky, everyone is trying their best luck on this kind of opportunity including me. Best of luck to everyone!!

  4. It's win and lost situation, not everyone is being fortunate in every risk!

  5. No need to go that far, just throw a cup of apple cider at him and apparently he'll melt like the wicked witch.

  6. Not that bad, still doing my best for my daily objectives

  7. I don't do it that much, if they get their rewards it's because I know that they deserve it and they work harder than anyone to get it. I'm very happy for someone's success.

  8. I love your positivity and character bro. We're all gonna get our breaks, all we need to do is work for it and wait.

  9. No one are allowed to hurt our pet, I feel sorry for your buddy.

  10. The worst politicians, all are fucking corrupt and doesn't care about it's people. Guess what? Welcome to the Philippines

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