1. I had to look this one up, looks like one of their 37 series trailers. 3050lb hitch weight, 12,700 dry weight, 17,500lb gross weight.

  2. What package do you have? I thought the srw f350 had a bigger payload than that.

  3. I've had luck with taking the thermocouple off and running a wire brush on it and cleaning any build up off and it working again.

  4. This person had no shits to give, it's like those houses/buildings that give you the illusion of level but when you start walking you find out it's a 15% grade.

  5. None of them do. I want a toy hauler for our tahoe, 22gold13 should be 5800 dry or something, but the one we looked at was over 6800lb.

  6. Fantastic transmission (and engine). Definitely one of the best 1 tons you can buys. I am a ford tech so Iโ€™m biased but think theyโ€™re a good buy

  7. I wouldnโ€™t say stay away from it. they all have issues. on the GMs you can cp3 swap it. the fords canโ€™t fit that pump in the valve. thereโ€™s no true upgrades thatโ€™ll prevent cp4 failures. the fords however I feel are trimmed out so much better.

  8. Honestly I haven't been in a new Ford 2010 so I don't know what they are like, I'm gonna test drive a newer Ford and see how I like it, I've been in newer rams/gm vehicles and want to compare them.

  9. If you get the ford 6.7l, install a cp4 disaster kit. It's good insurance.

  10. not (dry) nursing anyone at the moment but i suggested it and i'm hoping my partner will come around to the idea! they do suckle occasionally though and i love it. just as enjoyable as i thought it would be, if not more.

  11. That little bit of ๐Ÿฅ› that came out of the left was oddly satisfying.

  12. After years of Liveleak (back before it became a KKK-driven venture) and other sites, the amount of unqualified Chinese and Indian truck drivers and tool/machine operators are about neck and neck, with China having slightly more gravel trucks rolling over and burying pedestrians, while India has more electrocutions and sword/mob attacks.

  13. Couldn't agree more with these wannabe nazi kkk members leaving comments on death/gore sites, like bitch don't hide behind an anonymous account and post shit you pussy, let's meet in the streets.

  14. You made the first mistake of spelling and grammar and now can't be taken seriously ๐Ÿ˜’

  15. Honestly most women would kill for a set of all natural tits like those. Let them be natural they are amazing.

  16. I do not agree with the other two. They are fantastic and work great.

  17. The panel is clearly not working correctly, LOOK AT THE PICTURES. As far as fresh tank and battery level they tend to read fine, gray is hit and miss and black is terrible.

  18. 103k miles on my 2015 tahoe and it still feels good, every once in awhile I'll do an Italian tune up on it, pulled a 21' travel trailer from the west coast to the east coast and back to Texas and the transmission still feels fine.

  19. No. The comment was about desantis so I was talking about desantis though

  20. Agreed on that, I've watched him closely and was impressed with his handling of the convid 19 but threw up in my mouth with the power and favors to LEO agencies.

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