1. It was a fake handwritten advertisment that was designed to look like ticket / citation . Edit: similar to this, but looked like a ticket:

  2. I agree, Amazon has to be the #1 distributor of counterfeit goods.

  3. I'm a trash can designer, how can i contact this person?

  4. no i mean whatsapp is a really good product , all my friends from other countries use it , not as simple as jus saying dont use any meta products, alot of people find benefit in this app

  5. Think thats because most redditors have cats and there both related distant cousins


  7. was going to say his pc had a RAT on it , but ipad is a new vector , this seems like a new method

  8. pja says:

    My guess is that they fat fingered the gemini web address & got hit by a man in the middle attack. Or they searched “gemini” and clicked on the first ad which was a scam leading to, again, a MitM site.

  9. i saw his thread he pasted ..the login he used , it looked like the real url

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