1. Mainly the type of porn I’m edging to. I stick to kinks and drink plenty of water. Happy edging!

  2. Sounds like an amazing day! I wish I had a free day to just edge away!

  3. I’ve been edging to cumshots and facials a lot lately. Can’t get enough gorgeous women getting their face flooded. I also love giving control and just letting someone use my cock however they feel the need :)

  4. Morning goon sessions are the best! Enjoy and remember to stay hydrated :)

  5. I’m trying but it’s so hard! I just want sweet release and I know it’s going to make such a mess!

  6. God that’s really hot imagining you taking calls while you’re all frustrated! Happy edging and make sure to stay hydrated :)

  7. Happy edging, make sure to stay hydrated! Keep it up the good work.

  8. Glad to hear about the water! Make sure to keep it up. Ohh believe me, it'll be amazing if it's the longest you've ever gone haha! Make sure to have plenty of towels or tissues!

  9. I used to cum everyday and this is my first time edging. I’m already obsessed with the feeling. May just say fuck the towels and let it flow wherever it wants to when I finally cum 😂

  10. Glad to hear you discovered edging and have been enjoying yourself! Haha that will be some mess you will make but the freedom of just unloading everywhere is worth it! I think your brain is going to fry if you have never done a week before haha

  11. I wonder how many of your co-workers are doing the same ;)

  12. Stay strong! I hope you have a goal set for yourself. It gets a little bit easier to resist the nut once you really feel the benefits. I like being horny 24/7. Edging is heaven right now. I love the desperate feeling. Why would I wanna give this feeling up for a quick nut?

  13. Thanks! That is my thought exactly, going to hold out as long as possible!

  14. Wait til your balls get big and heavy and sore 🤤 Thats an awesome feeling too

  15. I already have this achey feeling in my stomach and my balls are really sensitive 😳

  16. For me it’s boobs. Traditionally I’ve been an ass man but boobs lately have made me hard af!

  17. It was mind blowing was edging all night and was always one stroke before the PONR. Was leaking so much precum and was teasing my head. Almost poetic but I came when the sun was rising and was shaking and throbbing for minutes after. Was intense!

  18. Wow, that scenario really sets the bar high. Would love to get there myself someday.

  19. Pretty new to the concept myself but I haven’t cum in 2 days. It’s amazing that you can edge all night!

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