1. This is Detonator's series to lose at this point. Regardless if they close it out, this is the best they've ever played.

  2. One additional thing that I dislike about this. Just because the organisers have enough money to shove down everyone's throat till they double in size, means that it gains a high viewership and acknowledgement.

  3. That's as surprisingly fair spread of teams remaining from each league.

  4. I really hope this can become a staple part of the RL esports scene.

  5. Yeah really nice that some of the major domestic leagues finally came together.

  6. Indeed I think this has the potential to become a huge thing for the European bubble scene as I think the premise of being like the champions league should have the potential to bring viewers.

  7. Do we know what time it starts? Couldn't find it on the liquepedia link?

  8. When clicking on the "i"s on liquipedia it looks like it starts in just over 3 hours time.

  9. Gotcha. Guess I'm just dumb. Lol. Appreciate the help!

  10. You're not dumb mate, it's not easy to spot. I'm glad I could help though.

  11. Do neutral EU fans want Moist or KC to win this?

  12. Eh, I’m fine with it, the only issue I have with it is the hypocrisy of some fans who say NA crowds are miles worse than EU

  13. I think one difference is that there is no 'EU' crowd but instead each country will have there own variation.

  14. was there really anyone counting KC as the only good EU team? that's top 3 worst takes I've ever seen if true

  15. There were quite a few comments saying something along the lines of "NA is overall better EU is just saved by 1 really good team at LANs"

  16. tbf, the moist roster wasnt looking great after the roster change

  17. Conversely I don't think the comment about KC making every grandfinal not bodeing well for the rest of the region, doesn't particularly work. Because didn't Gen.G make every final in NA?

  18. Same, i never use the desktop, only mobile which is why im confused

  19. These preformances would make me scared for oce. and then i remember im always scared for oce so i guess nothing really changed now did it

  20. Tbh didn't OCE do bad at a tournament like this before last fall major? But they then still did well in the actual major.

  21. Surely it couldn’t break the bank to add 2 more teams to a Major?

  22. Would be tricky to organise the Major format though. Can't have a 20 18 team Swiss bracket for example.

  23. I see so the solution would be to add 4 more teams and make a 20 team bracket?

  24. That would work however it would likely bring more costs as I imagine there would be more games, which may lead to extra expenses on the venue. Additionally I think the aim was to have the major the same format as the split.

  25. i just don’t really think any tournaments that are not ran by psyonix specifically should hold any weight

  26. I guess we will have to agree to disagree. I still think the RLCS should be the focal point. And highest level of competition. I just think this set up has the potential to build a strong viewership.

  27. Or at the floor require a GED on sign up.

  28. It’s the equivalent of a high school diploma. If someone failed out of high school but passes the GED exams in their 20s, they’ve earned their high school diploma.

  29. Oh ok thanks for letting me know. That could potentially help protect the education of young pros. However it appears to be an American/ Canadian thing, and as RLCS is global, there may not be an equivalent in other countries.

  30. Ya’ll make no sense. There was no issue with the Sweden major start times, same time zone as Rotterdam. Why do they suddenly have to start 4 hours earlier this year? US REGIONALS already have shit start times to give EU viewers a chance to watch and we’re repaid by not being able to watch the major at a time anybody is awake

  31. I would imagine there might be a few reasons as to why Psyonix chose this specific time. I'll copy what I commented in a previous thread. As a few of my guesses.

  32. Oh shit it does yeah. I could have sworn he was Scottish, like I thought he even had a Scottish accent

  33. I know they both clinch but who will be EU4 and EU5 in that case?

  34. Unfortunately that wouldn't mean he would be able to comm with them as Furia speaks Portuguese.

  35. A university is tied to a city though. When it comes to it, american cities tend to have higher populations and so they are more outspoken about their teams

  36. It's a little bit different than that over here in Europe though. We still love sports just in a different way. Firstly as a caveat my comments on how Americans support sport is only of information on the Internet so I may be incorrect.

  37. Idk why they didn't just make it 18 teams for this season by adding MENA 2 and SSA

  38. I imagine that there are many reasons as to why psyonix hasn't increased the number of teams at the majors. Some of the reasons I assume include:

  39. I hope Chronic’s success makes top teams take a longer look at bubble players

  40. Unfortunately I doubt it I imagine most top teams in NA will see picking up a bubble player as a risk reward situation and thus keep the status quo.

  41. Canada is still North America so they are still considered an American team

  42. True. I guess I was just getting into the semantics of whether it would be an "American" or instead "North American" team. Depends on the definition of American used I imagine.

  43. Why does MENA only get one major spot? Rule one and falcons both deserve to go

  44. I imagine psyonix would like to increase the spots but decided against it this season, to probably give them more time to refine how they would like to alter the structure of RLCS. And the global recession, is probably the main reason.

  45. I can understand why I think psyonjx hasn't yet. But it definitely needs to be a priority for next season and is unfortunate for the teams this season.

  46. It's a shame that they there wasn't another format for 3 teams such as giving Williams a game advantage being in the lower bracket :(

  47. I believe they have signed him as an analyst, so I think he is looking at the stats and suggesting potential tactics. Similar to what I think he did for pioneers last season.

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