1. It's not a horror film. It's an anticonsumerist satire with pretensions, its predictable to the point of being ritualized, and its a lot less smart than it thinks it is.

  2. I used to work in a theatre restaurant so I met Ian McKellen, Kevin Spacey, Alan Rickman, and Juliet Stephenson.

  3. Jesus, the smokes and booze really did for his good looks and fast.

  4. Yeah the Dutch are getting taller all the time and Americans are shrinking. Seriously, not the older rich like Biden et al but a lot of kids in the US have lost two inches to malnutrition in the last thirty years.

  5. Sarcasm is a protective device, and a very cheap form of irony. I lelt it behind with acne and AXE deodorant.

  6. I can’t tell if you’re dumb or that is a nice bit of deliberate irony and sarcasm - not that anyone agrees on the difference.

  7. Yes they can. Irony is a literary form where what is presented; entire worlds and situations as well as opinions and statements, are in direct opposition to the authors views and intent.

  8. No I'm not, sarcasm and trolling are feeble insecure forms of irony, which can be a developed literary art. People who are still compulsively sarcastic over the age of thirty are in a state of emotional arrested development and persistent insecurity. The most pathetic thing you can witness is an adult being sarcastic to a child.

  9. And here we go with the Nazi accusations again. Fuck sake lads.

  10. Read his wiki. He was officially censured by the Israeli ambassador. This is not an accusation. This is documentary evidence. Stooge.

  11. Stooge? You're the one trying to push the Ukrainian Nazi narrative in this post out of nowhere and claiming a deputy foreign minister is a "holocaust denier" which is twisting the truth - read his wiki page properly.

  12. Bandera was the Ukrainean Heydrich and anyone who tries to explain away or mitigate the severity of his appalling crimes is a Holocaust denier, end of story.

  13. Eww when two people are embracing and one of them is looking at the camera, there are three people in the photo; the third person is you/ the camera. And both these guys are extremely fake and creepy and gross.

  14. You’re correct. The Academy Awards have a reputation of being big, fancy, and defining the best of the best. Really, the movies that get picked are the lowest common denominator of what people in the industry want to think of as “quality.” Which sometimes overlaps with actually amazing innovative cinema, but often settles on middle of the road contemporary dramas, showy period pieces, and navel gazing movies about Hollywood.

  15. They think comic acting isn't real or comparable to dramatic acting for similar reasons, even though at its best, it's technically superior and far more difficult. Any fool can cry; getting a laugh is a skill.

  16. I'd never denigrate anyone's skills or experience but the fact remains that Hollywood produces literally one truly funny film a year if it's lucky and it's nearly always a sleeper, completely unforeseen.

  17. It's funny how obliviously sectarian and racist this post was, and how it accidentally confirms Russian points about Crimea and the Donbask.

  18. I would be happy to have fun as you have if my nation was not experiencing genocide right now

  19. I feel like there's a story here but it needs a beginning and an end.

  20. Puss In Boots 2. Beats the last six Pixars off the map, well worth the long wait in development hell.

  21. Anyone who uses Bateman as a mouthpiece is dickless sus.

  22. It's like 30 Rock joke media like 'The Rural Juror', 'Milf Island' or Will Ferrell in 'Bitch Hunter.'

  23. It's funny because straight people. My dude just show up behind me with his lad out and up and yeah fine.

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