1. Its mostly just bland stuff, im the one asking the questions all the time. She doesn't answer fast either...

  2. Why are you asking stupid questions and having bland conversations instead of just telling her exactly how you feel and what you want with her? Then, actually listening to her and accepting whatever answer she gives you?

  3. Toxic ass people. It’s baffling that you want either one of them in your life. The best thing to do it tell her and then remove both from your life and let them deal with the consequences. Maybe if they didn’t drink so much they wouldn’t be such shitty people.

  4. You must not live in the real world. In the world the rest of us live, race has everything to do with it when dealing with law enforcement and the criminal justice system.

  5. I’d break up with her. She’s trashy.

  6. No one should want massive price hikes on food and consumables with the level of inflation already happening. Workers should get more sick days and better benefits but it's the 19th time congress has done something like this because it actually really bad to just sit by and watch your entire economy get wrecked. It's a clusterfuck of a situation but anyone acting likely the consequences aren't severe for doing nothing is full of shit.

  7. Lmao historic profits along with historic inflation. The inflation isn’t because of costs or wages. Maybe congress should step in and force the assholes at the top to pay better wages or let the whole thing come crumbling down. Fuck the billionaires.

  8. She’s 30. Pick your self respect up off the floor and walk out the door. She’s a child and none of this will ever change.

  9. There’s nothing wrong with what you’re going through. You need to find a woman that matches your sex drive. Talk to her about this. If she doesn’t like sex or doesn’t want it anywhere near as often as you do, then you probably aren’t compatible in that area and it would be best to find someone else with a higher sex drive.

  10. Whatever you do, don’t sign that lease. She either needs to talk to you about this and respect your boundary, or you need to walk from the relationship. Better to go month to month for a few months than risk getting into a year lease and then breaking up at the start of it. Did you show her all the evidence you got from your brother? What was her reaction? What’s her reasoning for risking your relationship to talk to him? Also, don’t tell her she can’t talk to him. Tell her that you are setting a boundary, that their friendship makes you uncomfortable and you aren’t interested in dating someone that is that close to another man, especially one that is actively trying to get with her. And that if she wants to keep that friendship, that you will end the relationship. Then enforce it.

  11. Yeah, right. I read your other post. Is he one of your three male roommates who grope you, steal your underwear, ejaculate in your food, made you walk outside topless, and played a "sausage tasting game" on you?

  12. Holy shit. This is one sick troll.

  13. No, you shouldn’t break up. You should get therapy and work through this. Is your next girlfriend supposed to break up with you because you had sex with this girl? The logic is stupid and you need to figure out how to get over this. It’s not that serious.

  14. This isn’t a kink. Stop calling it that. This is a mental illness and you should be talking to someone about this in therapy.

  15. Maybe these greedy fucks should buy nice looking jackets for their employees. Or realize none of their customers give a shit about their uniforms that only exist to distinguish the working slave class from the money spenders.

  16. Jesus dude. Are you sure you’re straight? You sure think about dicks a lot. This can’t be real can it? If it is, you need to get therapy for this issue and work through it because it literally doesn’t matter to 95% of all women. It’s in your head. She wouldn’t be with you if she was repulsed. Beyond that, her dynamic is gross and unhealthy and I wouldn’t date a girl that stayed in contact with someone she claimed raped her. She’s a walking red flag.

  17. Very straight. And sadly yes it’s real. I’ve thought about it. The last part is the part I don’t get. I understand that he was her first and that she loves his girls. She also has to see him because he’s in one of her group of friends. But I don’t get it

  18. She doesn’t “HAVE” to see him, she chooses to spend time with her rapist. She could find a different friend group if her friends are so shitty that they would choose her rapist over her. She could find a new job. What that means to me is that she’s willing to lie about rape. She’s willing to accuse someone of rape that she knows full well didn’t rape her. And she’s willing to continue that lie and then continue being friends with that person. Wait until she gets tired of you and starts telling other people that you raped her. When she wants to breakup, and that’s the excuse she tells everyone. See what it does to your social life and the possible effects it could have on your career. This girl is sick. You should be running from her, not worrying about whether your dick is big enough. Fuck dude this entire post was about the wrong red flag with this crazy ass girl.

  19. No. And yes, this is transphobic. Grow up.

  20. Why are you so against him going to a strip club? They don't grind on you unless you get a lap dance, and you can ask him please not to get one. You realize its legal for women to go topless on a beach right? Whats the difference other than location? Also, you can't say "no" to him doing anything, you're not his controller you're his girlfriend. He doesn't need your permission, nor do you need his. If you're so insecure in your relationship that you think a room full of women in basically bathing suit bottoms is going to ruin it then you have bigger problems than a strip club.

  21. You don’t know what boundaries are do you? She can’t tell him no, but she can tell him she doesn’t want to date a guy that goes to strip clubs. It’s a perfectly reasonable boundary.

  22. You break up because you set a boundary and he literally told you he would do it anyways and just lie to you about it. If you aren’t comfortable with this, then don’t date a guy that does these sort of things. Moving in with each other at this point would be a huge mistake.

  23. No, you should never stay in a bad marriage just for the kids. It won’t ever be better for them and could cause them a lot more harm than ending things. If you have already done everything you can do and are willing to do to save the marriage and failed, then it’s time to end it.

  24. Any adult that dates a girl in high school is doing so because women his own age see all his red flags and won’t put up with his shit. You were 17 and he was 19 when you started dating. Of course he’s controlling. Also, no one can tell you who you’re allowed to talk to or connect with. All he can reasonably do is set a boundary about not wanting to date a woman that talks to their exs or has male friends. Then it’s up to you whether you want to abide by that boundary or if you two aren’t compatible. Nothing you wrote was cheating.

  25. What you are doing is shitty. And yes, it’s cheating. First, you literally said you and the new guy agreed to see each other exclusively so why are you fucking your ex and going on dates? Beyond that, everyone has a right to know if the person they are with is sleeping with other people so they can make decisions on how to protect themselves from STDs. They both deserve to know. You don’t have to give them any details or tell them who you’re sleeping with, but you need to tell them that you are sexually active with other people.

  26. I didn’t make it clear, I’m not having sex with my ex. My ex and I actually stopped having sex 6 months into us dating for his religious reasons, and I respect his choice to abstain until marriage.

  27. Ah, then no, you aren’t doing anything wrong. That clears things up thank you. Have your fun and see where things go. Be careful with the ex but otherwise it sounds like you have found something that works and there’s no reason to change anything. Just make sure you’re honest with the new guy if he asks or starts wanting to get more serious. I’m not sure how deep his feelings run so that may turn into a conversation soon.

  28. You friend zoned yourself by acting as her friend. Stop doing that with women you are interested in. Ask her out on a date. Make your intentions clear. Don’t wait weeks to do this. Ask them out within days or even the first day you start talking. And if she says she just wants to be friends, tell her you don’t need anymore friends but are looking for something more and move on.

  29. Yea, that’s creepy. Either reach out now or wait until you get your life together and then reach out. But don’t send a random gift without letting them know it’s you.

  30. There was a time when the public legit didn't know it was addictive. People who got addicted during that time are still alive and kicking in many cases. Someone who STARTS smoking now I kinda agree with you, they did something they had every opportunity to know had consequences, and they found out. But many smokers "in the wild" didn't.

  31. I’m in my 40’s, and we have known most of my life. I remember we would steal my mom’s cigarettes when we were kids to throw them away so she wouldn’t die. You know what else has been around for a long time? Treatment for cigarette addiction. We learned about it in high school. We learned about it in the navy. People that still smoke and use their addiction as an excuse just don’t give a shit about the people around them or their loved ones. There’s no longer any excuse for smoking. Everyone can quit if they want to. Your post was pointless. Read the other post that responded to me and then try to justify the addiction to that person and see how well it goes over.

  32. Addictions are hard to break. The existence of products doesn't remove that fact. Smoking is terrible. The person is still a person you should try having some empathy for. Unless they are being a jerk like the woman in the post, but then the problem is the jerk behavior itself.

  33. When your addiction hurts of people’s health, you lose all sympathy from me. If they gave a shit about anyone else, they would put the effort into quitting. It’s been decades now. Your excuses are just enabling bad behavior.

  34. There isn’t a human on earth worthy of using the hammer so it makes no difference.

  35. He's probably going through some shit rn. Not like that's an excuse for putting you in an awkward spot like that but yea

  36. Who gives a shit what he’s going through? He sexually assaulted her.

  37. He sexually assaulted you and was never your friend. Go no contact. Dudes gross. Weed is not an excuse for that.

  38. The biggest concern here is that her best friends all cheat. What does that say about her? I don’t know that I would want a girlfriend with such shitty morals. I wouldn’t keep a friend that constantly cheated. Beyond that, you need to just get over it. If she wants to cheat, she will do it at home. She can literally do it anywhere. You either trust her or you don’t. If you don’t, then either she’s not the right one or you’re not ready to be dating yet and need to take a step back. Just because your ex cheated there doesn’t mean she will. She’s not the same person and the results aren’t guaranteed to be the same. Maybe consider therapy.

  39. You’re pathetic if you use alcohol as the excuse for cheating. What you did was fucked up. It’s time to own up to it and tell your girlfriend and let her decide if she wants to stay with you or not.

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