is yeat autistic?

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You got me stone faced

  1. How do you like it? I’m thinking about getting one and am finding a few around 10-15k. I really want a v8 with the supercharger.

  2. $600 doesn't buy much these days so as long as it's clean and rust free then I say go for it! Do a coyote swap and you'll be happy 😊

  3. Pmo some babytron I’ve seen hype of him but haven’t heard any

  4. When this person was knocked out. What is the appropriate amount of kicks or stomps? 1,2,3, etc? None? Or the second you know the person is out cold?

  5. Over some street beef you shouldn’t be kicking/stomping and shouldn’t lay hands on them as soon as they knocked out. Now if it was something personal like if he hurt someone in his family on some way Ig it can be justified depending on the beef.

  6. Exactly. I'd be stoning that mf like back in bible days

  7. Do jobs for psychologist typically drug test? I’m entering college to become a psychiatrist specifically!

  8. I’m having a similar experience. I actually got 4 pulled on Thursday too. My top 2 have healed pretty nicely but my bottom 2 have gaping holes. Sometimes my jaw can feel really sore or tired. My two closest teeth to the holes also feel sore. My pain is usually a throbbing feeling too. I usually feel pain mostly during the mornings and nights but ibuprofen helps the pain go away almost completely. Keep me updated so I know if I need to get mine checked out😂

  9. Brooo their crazy bread smacks but their food sometimes gives me bad heart burn😭

  10. The plug trying to rip you off there’s no such thing as exotic weed that sounds so dumb to me. weed can be grown in anywhere unless it’s grown in a exotic environment it’s not exotic. If it looks crazy triched out and full of colors and makes you go wow that’s beautiful, it’s probably what most would call exotic. I just think that term is silly though. The best weed from the dispensary I get is usually light green and has hella red hairs and smells like gas has hella thrics

  11. I’ve never had dispensary weed. Or at least bought weed from a dispensary myself? Is it a big difference from street bud

  12. True. Are there any factors that come in to play that help you decide if weeds exotic based off looks?

  13. He’s been rapping for 5+ years, Tik tok just didn’t find him till early last year, and the mainstream is just now catching on. It really wasn’t that fast a blowup, just had a lot of momentum when it happened

  14. Onggg his career started out very slow but when he started gaining popularity it came fast.

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