1. Maybe it has changed over the past two years, but Michigan’s flower never impressed me much. Ohio is expensive, but for the most part everything is decent quality imo. Michigan does have great options for extracts!

  2. Can’t believe I picked the RPO over the Lemon Runtz 😭

  3. Have you had ICC from Klutch or Woodward’s Wedding Cake? Those have probably been my favorite cake strains in the program.

  4. Yes to both used to big icc klutch but they tired out then had troubles with them like everyone else. Woodwards isn't bad at all standard has one of the better wedding cake strains. Wedding punch with certified is fire too.

  5. I will be looking for it, I’ve recently enjoyed their arnie palmer #2 and blueberry muffin.

  6. This seems to be the new thing as of yesterday elixir wax did everyone forget they produce ungodly trash in pod form but from what I saw they aren't even dewaxing it a little bit so it's full of fats lipids waxes and everything else that shouldn't be. The truth is they probably would benefit from using CRC to filter out all the bullshit hell let's be honest they probably don't know how to use CRC even in the worst way. Man this is bad also why does there labels look like standard wellness labels surely they didn't buy elixir did they and if so what in the hell are they doing.

  7. Had one pod from them when they first dropped, never again!

  8. I consume PB + AVB frequently and always find the best results when I heat the two up together for a short period of time and consume sometime after a recent meal. The quality of your AVB is what is going to determine your experience. I’ve ate 1-2 teaspoons worth of light tan avb that gives me a body buzz that flower/extracts do not give me. I’ve also ate 1-2 tablespoons of dark brown avb that did nothing for me.

  9. I’ll be the person this time that says they prefer regular Dosidos!

  10. No specific strain recommendation from me, but I strongly recommend her trying a few different strains with different terpene profiles to determine what treats her symptoms best. Everyone responds differently so one terpene that might be relaxing for one individual could increase anxiety in another.

  11. Some Sour Blue Diesel batches have it as the the top terp.

  12. How is the moisture? The cherry pie I had from them a month or two ago looked amazing, but was very dry.

  13. There are some absolutely like that that are indica dominant. I call them myrcene bombs and cause me more anxiety than anything beneficial. Two that come to mind are BR blood orange amethyst and Josh d motor breath. Love myrcene very much but when pushing over 2% without something else to balance it, it gets dicey lol.

  14. Interesting, I’ve only ever had issues with terpinolene dominant strains.

  15. Good pics, I got the gmo x blueberry after your review and it is definitely one of BR’s best strains. I will likely be getting this tomorrow!

  16. Thanks I'm going to go with the Arnie P! I have some Blueberry Muffin by them that is oh so nice and it got me wanting to try more by Certified. A little late to the party but I'm glad I finally ventured out to them!

  17. Let me know what you think, the blueberry muffin is on a menu I’m looking at for tomorrow. Now I’m deciding between the Pink Certz and the blueberry muffin, both seem to be between %2.5-3.0% total terpenes so I probably can’t go wrong.

  18. Haven't had the pink certz yet but the BM is very, very nice. I am not usually an indica guy but this one is really good. The taste and smell on this one is really something.

  19. I’m definitely leaning towards the BM, I’m sure certz is great but Mint isn’t my preferred flavor.

  20. Damn this looks nice and has the terps to back it up. I just had a LR luster pod of this strain and it had 100+ Myrcene 🤤.

  21. I enjoyed it a lot and better then the Techron which was also good. Both have similar flavors with the heatlocker genetics.

  22. This because the real answer is no and everyone else is just answering with something they enjoy while they’re high.

  23. Wow that Myrcene, definitely will be looking out for this.

  24. Hell yeah, I just picked up about 36g total of BR for cheaper than an oz from a lower quality cultivator.

  25. Certified’s Arnie Palmer #2 was at mid 2% Myrcene content recently, I already miss it.

  26. If that's the same dispo I'm thinking, that same $189 oz is 20% off today for $151 - even though I'm stocked up I couldn't resist at that price.

  27. Couldn’t agree more, then you have Klutch trying to put out a 1/2 for $180 SMH

  28. I know. I’ll only buy O43 on sale. It goes quickly around here though & sometimes have to buy at a full price or you might not get any.. I try to get it for $150 or less if possible on sale days.

  29. I agree O43 usually sells before other Kluth strains, the terpinolene/myrcene combo is quite unique.

  30. Had a 10th of NYC Flo a few weeks ago and it was a pleasant surprise, had a nice diesel/cheese aroma/flavor. I would definitely buy this strain in bulk.

  31. I get more earthy/funk from EPBC, both are great strains though!

  32. Just had a 1/2 of Arnie Palmer and Dark Rainbow, Arnie Palmer might be my favorite strain tied with EPBC. Dark Rainbow is solid, but I would prefer other GMO strains. Both had at least a 3 weeks cure, sorry you got some bad product.

  33. I haven’t had many strains in flower form from GO, but this has been my favorite so far.

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