1. Damn. You guys are so serious. Lighten up. The amount of times you literally & seriously take female artists jokes is absurd. This is a common meme & stan Twitter joke. I wish I could find an OG Twitter screenshot. It’s wild & honestly insulting that you guys think that Lizzo with all she has accomplished is unable to know such simple math. You guys missing the joke:

  2. One time, a stan on Twitter (I think it was a barb or swiftie) posted a Spotify screenshot saying only one million to go. But it was actually a hundred million until they reached a billion. I don’t even think that’s the origin, it’s been going on for so long & many people use that joke template. So since then people just post it in jest when a song is close to a billion. Or a song is close to a milestone.

  3. How wonderful to finally see bigger body types being accepted in high fashion, front & center on a Vogue cover, and being recognized beautiful. I am happy for all of them because they are carving their space in high fashion which should hopefully open doors for more inclusion, diversity & representation of all body types in fashion. The industry still has a long way to go but we can celebrate this win for these 3. Here is the

  4. Love that when it’s the red carpet, she shows out & serves glam. All the way out. And when it’s her day to day wear, she chooses comfort & a very chill vibe. Still gorgeous, she always is, but it’s like 2 completely different personalities. From these pics, you wouldn’t think this is the same person who lights up red carpets worldwide.

  5. Hope it’s not serious drama behind the scenes. Call me a hater but I don’t think he is that great a stylist with other clients. His work outside of Zendaya, Hunter, Anya & a select few (tall & thin clients) is lacking. What do they all have in common? Tall, thin & modelesque. Straight of the runway bodies that can wear collections straight off the runway. His work outside of Zendaya is not memorable or groundbreaking. I think Zendaya brings a lot of creative input into that styling duo because when he has to style other people esp short, curvy or people with bigger boobs it is just not as good. Sometimes it’s even bad. Or ill fitting.

  6. Yeah he's great with especially Zendaya and definitely has talent where tall and thin celebrities are concerned. You can tell his weakness with styling women who have any other body type when you see his work with Addison Rae. Most of it was fine, but there were definitely more misses than hits. Personally I love what she's done with Ryan Hastings way more.

  7. Yeah his work with Addison Rae was hit & miss. Mostly miss. He had her looking lost on the red carpet most times. I remember this look specifically , bc it seemed like he took something that was meant for Zendaya & gave it to her with no consideration for her height & different body type to Zendaya. The chain was too tight. The top was too small.

  8. But you left out the best pic (when your fiancé gives you the night off to spend with the love of your life)

  9. i understand it was a joke but it was so weird to hear about #spitgate, i’m still not sure how i feel about twitter jokes making it on tv, like what do you mean you asked MALALA during OSCARS about SPITGATE

  10. Right?! Very weird because you get the chance to speak to thee Malala on national tv & all that she has survived as well as accomplished and you ask her about a man spitting on another man? 😭

  11. Exactly! This is the mess I live for. Inject it into my veins. Now, I will go back to rewatch the video & over analyze the video & what his side-look in the last 2 seconds means. 😂

  12. Her head was down but she glanced up to look at him undetected. Oldest trick in the book. I don't think she looked annoyed just wanted to avoid an encounter. He on the other hand tracked her as she walked by. He didn't look directly at her but you could see he changed the direction of his gaze closer to her as she passed. He waited until she was out of eyeshot and glanced at her very quickly, also intentionally. And in my opinion you could tell his smile seemed faded and more hollow after looking at her. It seemed fake.

  13. And here I was speculating that she is pretending to look at her phone so she doesn’t have to endure the Elvis voice in person. She is probably tired of it too. 😂 But your analysis of his stare at the end, I am with you detective.

  14. And this is why that cliquey campaign for Andrea Riseborough was egregious. It was disappointing. There was a possible chance that she would have won this over Michelle. And then we would still only have only Halle as the only person of color to win this award in 95 years. (Also fun fact: the 2 Bond girls to win an Oscar)

  15. And yet she wasn’t even the best supporting actor in this film. Awarding the white woman in in a film with a majority Asian cast is crazy. We can applaud what she has done for the film/cast & still recognize that Stephanie was robbed. The entire award season has been about actors (mainly poc) that were overlooked in their younger years finally getting their due & flowers. Yet they are simultaneously doing the very same thing & overlooking Stephanie.

  16. The fact that Michelle Yeoh was the first Asian woman to win for lead actress. And now a stat like this. Oscars should be ashamed. Imagine, in a word of Angela Bassett, Viola Davis, Halle Berry, Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, no Black woman has woman an Oscar twice. Halle Berry & Michelle Yeoh are the only two women of color to win the female leading actor award in 95 years. Shameful.

  17. Every time Angela was on screen, she had her looking regal. The costuming and fashion moments were endless. She excelled at making the Dora Milage look so fucking beautiful & powerful. Like if Wakanda had a boutique, I would definitely be a loyal customer.

  18. Wow. Very deserving. We got a sweep but at the cost of Stephanie Hsu. Stephanie Hsu, I will avenge you.

  19. But didn’t give him a job. Reaching out every Christmas did not pay his bills. It did not pay for his health insurance insurance. He has to take up stunt acting just to support himself. Also reaching out at Christmas (I read he sent a card unless he did more) is literally something an assistant can do. Just going through a list of people he has worked with & sending something at Christmas is the bare minimum.

  20. Where did I say Ke should be mad? Or say that he is mad. I don’t think he is a man who can be mad at anyone. He is so sweet, loving & very happy to be here. I specifically pointed out how I am uncomfortable about THE MEDIA turning a story about a men who crawled his way back to Hollywood recognition & love & yet choosing to center Steven Spielberg. I thought that was clear. And also can people state their opinions without being labeled as mad? Which part of my statement gave you upset woman?

  21. One of the OGs & pioneers of breaking gender norms in fashion. He did it well.

  22. The way she has not served ever since Blonde came out. It’s the ghost of Marilyn haunting her ass.

  23. ‘I am deeply grateful for each & every one of you humans.’ The humans that are carrying out nasty work? What are you grateful for? My heart has been heavy. Lol. Bffr. Girl, more than 5 women have been dragged left, right & center because you threw the rock & hid your hands behind your back. They said Madison Beer’s dog deserved to die. Hailey is being called a man, ugly & just downright disgusting things that I will not repeat. I have seen that some fans are even commenting on Justin’s young siblings instagrams about this. Justine Skye has been called some very racist things just for being Haileys friend. If she is going to ask for kindness, then she needs to stop hiding behind vague statements. Say it. Say who they should be kind to.

  24. This past few weeks, people have been posting unflattering pics of her online as a dunk & calling her ugly. Some have said she looks like a handsome man. Some people said young Hailey looks like Putin. It has been very gross actually. Maybe this is her just owning it. Esp because it’s being used In defense of Selena’s beauty. Maybe she is like hey, this is me & you can say whatever you want to say about my looks.

  25. Some people in this sub has decided that Beyoncé just goes to the studio & stands on a mic & sings words that are fed to her. Shit, some of them think she is not even that good a singer. Lots of people that would fit into

  26. He is incredibly antisemitic unfortunately. many of his posts have been removed because he spews such hatred. His account was even deactivated a few times because of this.

  27. Is your definition of antisemitism because he is pro-Palestine as a Palestianian refugee himself. You know the same way Bella & Gigi have been classified as antisemitic for supporting Palestine? Do you think saying Palestinian deserve to have a home & peace is antisemitism?

  28. I’ll never forget the ridiculous and transphobic rumor of Ciara being a man ravaging my school. That rumor also circulated regarding Jamie Lee Curtis and Lady GaGa.

  29. I grew up in Africa & I still heard the Ciara had a dick rumor when I was in kindergarten. It’s like one of the rumors that spread viciously without the help of the internet. I have met people from the Caribbean & India who also heard the rumor. It’s actually insane. And after ‘like a boy’ came out, they used the song as proof.

  30. It always bugs me how people think Ciara isn’t successful. Like “Goodies” and “1 2 Step” were EVERYWHERE when they came out, and she’s still very, very much around today.

  31. Right? And back then people actually bought physical copies. You had to be big without social media. She hosts lots of things like awards shows, new years events, white house etc. She is married to a very successful man with 3 beautiful children. She is still very much well known in high fashion designer circles. Because have you seen her? She looks like & could have been a model. She has been Peter Dundas muse for a while. She found her lane & occupies it well. She seems very happy as well. I think stans have ruined the definition of what success means. An artist doesn’t go number 1? Flop. Success is not a one note definition.

  32. He hates Black women. This is why he punches down on us as part of his stand up material. Also his Meghan Markle bit, that has all been said on Twitter & people on Twitter were still funnier than him. And for the ‘he made a documentary on Black women’s hair crowd.’ Oh please is that what we call it? It was a mocumentary that made fun of Black women & how they do their hair without even addressing the root issues. And also if he had made a documentary on Black women’s hair then shouldn’t he know that you don’t make fun of Black women’s hair in public.

  33. His horrible past life decisions? Excessive drug use? His player days? His canceled tour? Before he was saved. This is a generic statement that Christian use all the time. Very generic.

  34. But that’s the thing. That engraving is clearly something that takes a while to complete, especially if you are going to order a lot of them for a party. This can mean anything & it’s literally a phrase people say all the time. Esp saved people. Could be about his horrible past life decisions? Excessive drug use? His player days? His canceled tour? Before he was saved. This is a generic statement that Christian use all the time. Very generic. Everyone on here is being like Selenators, who connect everything Hailey does to Selena & now doing the same by connecting Justin’s actions to Selena. Maybe I am naive but birthdays take forever to plan, and people think he added last minute details because his ex resurfaced? I think we are all reaching & the drama has made us all engage with everything they all do.

  35. I knoooooooow. Like I know that bakery thing wasn’t good but people acted like she murdered someone even to this day

  36. But there is also a very sad reason to why the bakery thing happened. She literally had controlling management & a ‘life coach’ who restricted her food intake & portions. She ate melon cake for her bday because they were strict about what she ate for years so much so that she couldn’t even have regular cake for her birthday. For one day, she couldn’t even have a cheat meal. Her management would take her phone in hotels so she wouldn’t order room service & they hid fruit from her because it was deemed extra sugar that they did not need. The yoghurt situation happened at the time when she was now free from her old management & actually in control of her own food choices. She had just gotten out rehab & eating disorder treatment. It triggered her. Did she handle it the right way? No, they did not. But it’s not surprising that they have a weird relationship with diet food. And frankly, I am tired of people in this sub bringing up that incident again & again with no additional context.

  37. People love to forget that part of their journey.

  38. Yep. She was criticizing fatphobia & diet culture & how prevalent it is. And yes, people support mental health but only when it’s palatable. No one wants to actually accept the dark parts of mental health issues. And demi has never hidden that. From her addiction, to her eating disorder & even when she was California sober. She was honest about it. She was trying out a new method after relapsing & when it didn’t work, she was honest about that as well. People pretend to love honesty but only on their own terms. You can be honest about the struggles but not too honest.

  39. Remember after the slap, Denzel, Bradley Cooper & Tyler Perry went to comfort Will. Quest Love gave Will a big hug after his win. They all reached out to the aggressor before they even checked in on Chris. It’s as if everyone in the room knew this was out of character for Will & that something was very wrong. That told me everything about Chris Rock. Because how are you slapped & everyone goes to comfort the person who slapped you? Even the people who came out in defense of Chris Rock were questionable people. He is not a good person.

  40. Mind you this is the same men who let his white comedian friends say the n-word on national tv.

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